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Buddhist meditation and yoga is something you can try in Bhutan

Buddhist meditation is what more and more non buddhist are practising today. Meditation has nothing to do with religion. Its simple disciplining of our body through mindfulness and concentration. We learn and achieve peace and tranquility through meditational practises. 

Were can I meditate?

Meditation is taught by Buddhist masters in remote monasteries. This is not learnt over few days but you have the basic skills to practise it yourself later. Equipped with the basic skills you will in years to come learn it more yourself if you practise it sometime if not daily. 

We will fix dates and make appointments with some renowned masters to teach you meditation. You will have to travel to some remote location away from the urban life to learn meditation. 


Tame your mind and body learn basic meditation yoga

Learning yoga

We have some yoga gurus who will teach you basic yoga. It will be some simple floor and breathing exercises which you can do any where or anytime.

These exercises will help you to stay healthy and relieve you from stress. Yoga is something you should do everyday to keep you both mind and body strong and fit. 

What we teach is simple basic yoga practises. If you are interested to learn more you will need at least few weeks. 

Who teaches Yoga?

We have yoga instructors who will teach yoga everyday for one hour. You have the choice to either do it in the morning or in the evening. Indian embassy in Bhutan has as regular yoga instructor based in Thimphu. 

Age restriction?

To meditate and to learn yoga there is no age restriction. As long as you are interested we allow people of all age groups. The exercises are very basic so it might not be for people going to gym or for those who are used to jogging everyday. These exercises are simple and fit for everyone. 

Samantha meditation classes

Shamatha meditation classes takes place in Deer Park in Nazhoen Pelri Centre. You can take a taxi to reach there and it isn’t that far from the town. Deer park Thimphu is a center for art and contemplation. The Shamatha meditation takes place every Tuesday from 5-6pm. The facilitator is Lama Shenphen Zangpo who has spent more than 25 years in practicing and studying Buddhism in different parts of the world. In this meditation classes, you will have many activities. In this meditation, you will also listen to recorded teachings of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, and then short sits and even Dharma movies will be screened in the last Tuesday of the month.

Other than meditation, there is also Shamatha retreat. In this retreat the first half hour, you will have 20 minutes sitting meditation, 5 minutes walking meditation and 5 minutes break. The whole retreat will be in silence. Meditation and retreat are all free of cost. There is no fee charged.


Nehru Wangchuk cultural centre

Nehru-Wangchuk Cultural Centre is a cultural wing of Indian embassy. It was inaugurated in 2010 and has well-stocked library on all aspects of Bhutan and India. The location is in Taj Tashi complex. Here you will get free yoga classes. The trainer is an experienced Indian yoga teacher. The timing for the yoga classes is two and you need to choose one. The first one is from 7 am-11am and the second one is from 5-7pm. These classes will be held from Monday to Friday.

Other than just yoga, you can even visit the library or witness the Cultural events which has talks and shows. If you interested in knowing the upcoming events in NWCC, then you can visit NWCC Facebook page.


Terma linca resort and Spa

Terma Linca is a luxury resort owned by the Queen of the 4th King of Bhutan. The resort has exclusive spa, restaurants, services and bars. The resort also serves multi cuisines and has well equipped gym, sauna & steam, yoga and Aerobics room, reading room and meditation room. Here you have everything that you need to relax and be fit.

In this resort, you can have meditation and yoga classes and enjoy the views from Babesa valley. This resort will provide you the best in both services and quality.

Pranic healing

First of all, Pranic healing is an ancient art and science healing that utilizes life energy to heal your whole body. It is also called medical qigong, psychic healing, vitalic healing, therapeutic healing, magnetic healing, charismatic healing and faith healing. It has become popular in Thimphu where patients are healed without body contact or drugs. The founder is Shakun Goyal and was invited to Bhutan by Ashi Tshering Pem Wangchuk to teach.

If you are feeling exhausted or have minor to chronic diseases, then you can pay a visit to the centre. The healing is simple but powerful and effective. The instructor stresses on spiritual, health, and well-being, practicality of applications like meditation and not in religious cult. The location is in Nazhoen Pelri hall, Thimphu.

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