Peace, tranquility and uniqueness is what we offer

We are a Bhutan tourism licensed tour operator in Bhutan travel business since 1999. We have an array of different activities you can  choose from. From simple culture tour to adventure sports. We offer you good service at an affordable price. 

18 years in bhutan tourism

culture tour

Culture tour

Our culture tour is focused on the cultural and historical sites and you will get to experience the culture and tradition of Bhutan.

trekking camp


You will love trekking in Bhutan. We have from a four days trek to trek spanning for almost a month. You can choose an easy or a difficult 

light adventure

Light adventure

We have mountain biking, motor biking, rafting, day hikes other activities. You can choose any of these or combines these with 

Why travel with us?

We are Bhutan Government licensed tour operator based in Bhutan. Our office is based in Bhutan and we have 17 years of experience in tourism. We are lucky to be audited and trained by CBI, Netherlands Government from 2014 to 2016. Thousands of customers are satisfied with our service and we hope to make yours special too. Check our Bhutan tour package


paro festival 2019

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gomkora festival 2019

Gomkora festival 2019

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punakha festival 2019

Punakha festival 2019

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Bhutan travel information

tourist payment

Tourist payment

Tourist payment is fixed by the Government of Bhutan and a standard payment applies to everybody coming to Bhutan for a holiday. 

bhutan tourist visa


All foreigners require visa to visit Bhutan. Tourists visas can be only obtained through a Bhutan Government travel agent like us. 


indian travel permit

Permits for Indians

Indians do not require a visa to visit Bhutan. You will get a travel permit at the point of entry. 

flying to Bhutan

Fly to Bhutan

You can fly to Bhutan from Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Singapore. For flights check with us. 

travel overland

Travel overland

You can drive to Bhutan through Phuntsholing in West Bhutan and Samdrup jongkhar in East Bhutan. 

best time to visit

Best time to visit

Spring and fall are favourable because of the festivals and the good weather condition. Other season are good too.

Want to try something different? Like an agriculture tour, Homestay

textile tour or something totally different then do let us know.

From altitude as high as 2500 meters to as low as 250 meters we have fly fishing adventure

for people who love and travel on fishing tours. Click fly fishing in Bhutan for more details.