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Founded in 1999 AB Travel is a Bhutan tourism licensed tour operator. For over 14 years we have been in Bhutan travel business. Write to us for more info. Contact us.

Customize your trip and discover Bhutan like you want.

Why Adventure Bhutan Travel?

We are a Bhutan Government licensed Bhutan tourism operator. We are experienced and have been lucky to be reviewed in national and international media several times for our Bhutan travel arrangements. We give personal touch to your travel itinerary and discuss with you in detail about your holiday. We correspond with you till you are fully prepared to see and do things of your choice. From the time you write to us to the time you leave Bhutan we treat you as our guest.

Why visit Bhutan?

Bhutan is no ordinary place. It is an amply modern country yet medieval with one foot still rooted in its past. Bhutan is aware of the downsides of rapid modernization and has decided to move cautiously without losing its soul. Every decision for the country is carefully weighed for the benefit of its people. The government’s ‘high value-low volume’ tourism policy is therefore, a good example of its efforts to keep foreign influences at bay while nurturing Bhutanese values at home. This gives Bhutan a different look and feel altogether, a visual and spiritual feast for all visitors. Contact us for more queries. Book your trip now!

Special tours with A.B. Travels

Taking into account some of the special aspects of Bhutan, which we feel could interest our guests; we bring to you an array of our special packages. This is because the beauty, culture and extraordinaire that Bhutan has, cannot be covered by the conventional tours.