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    McGraw family and friends
    Apr 17 -May 03, 2012

    I just received the following feedback from Helen Hannah who was on the McGraw trip. It sounds like they loved everything about the trip. Here is what they had to say: Hi Judy and Chuck, Dean and I had a wonderful trip in Bhutan. Your trip planning met the birding and flora expectations throughout our travels. Sue got pictures , and most of the time, these avain beauties surfaced. The terrain was incredibly outstanding , with rhodys, magnolias, fire trees, both going and coming back. ACCOMMODATIONS: Most were very nice, clean, with hot water, bathing facilities, and towels. FOOD: ALWAYS EXCELLLENT DRIVER AND GUIDE: Both were excellent. Do not get rid of these two wonderful men. Kaydzong our guide and Karma our driver were outstanding. They drove everywhere and anywhere to find birds. They were always accommodating to find special birds. While Dean and I were not bird specialists, such as Sue and Bob, we were very happy for the efforts taken to search out special birds, by both Kaydzong and Karma.

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    Sue and her five Australian friends
    Apr 05 -Apr 19, 2012

    We had an absolutely fantastic holiday. Bhutan was everything we hoped, and more, and we enjoyed every moment of it, even getting out to push the bus in deep mud, and getting stuck at roadblocks, etc. The people were wonderful, the scenery spectacular – everything was just great. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the accommodation, we loved the farmhouse (despite no en-suite, didn’t matter) and the food was wonderful. I’ve bought myself a Bhutanese cook book I might even try it out!! The traditional crafts, particularly the weaving, were truly awesome and we have some wonderful souvenirs and memories. I’d like to finish by saying that our guide Tenzin was absolutely wonderful, we all loved him; and our driver, Soman was also wonderful, a very safe driver in the difficult road conditions, and we were very confident in his ability to keep us safe on the roads. Thanks for your organization - we’d love to go back one day to see the eastern end, perhaps meet the nomadic people

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    Robert and Christine Grote
    Apr 12 -Apr 20, 2008

    We had an awesome experience in Bhutan. Starting with our agent of reservation (Pema) we felt completely informed and prepared to come to Bhutan. While in Bhutan our trip was fantastic! (However not very long enough!). We hope to come back. The people of Bhutan are beautiful, gentle and friendly. We will tell everyone what a great trip we had with "Adventure Bhutan".

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    Cynthia Peng and Christopher Lee, USA
    March 17 -March 29, 2008

    Pelden has been a wonderful guide as well as a delightful friend. He is always attentive and flexible to our likes and dislikes. We both like his guiding skills, energy and companionship immensely. We would recommend him/his service to anyone.Wonderful services but we do not wish the rules for meals are more flexible. Give the guests choices to go out to find local food as well as eating in hotels.

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    Amanda Hibbard, Australia
    November 11, 2007

    I am at the conclusion of my holiday in your beautiful country, and I would like to say that Karma really enhanced this experience. Karma is very professional, polite and knowledgeable, he made sure i was comfortable at all times and particularly when, for a short time, i was unwell. Karma answered all my questions with patience and he has a good sense of humor, and nothing was a problem to him.

    I wish him every success in his career and he is an asset to your company.

    Excellent, particularly with air rescue (team of trekkers on Jhumolhari trek)

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    Dorothy Vogel, Irwin Vogel, La Vaughn, Ted Craig USA
    Oct, 2007

    Very responsive to emails. It would have been helpful to know that we could have paid additional money and upgraded our hotels. The itinerary you put together was excellent. The festival experience in Jakar was excellent. Our guide arranged a school visit in Thimphu so we could donate the books we brought for their library. May be AB Travel could adopt a school so other visitors could donate to the school of Bhutan.

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    Magdalene Tan, Thomas Beck
    May 02-May 11, 2007

    Adventure Bhutan has ensured that we enjoyed our stay in Bhutan thoroughly, from the earlier communication about the trip to our stay here. The staff Gangchu, Sonam and the staff at the hotels made a lot of difference with their excellent services. We hope to come back to Bhutan again in the near future.

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    Adam Pietkiewicz/Jolanta Bozena, Piwowarczyk Krakow, Poland
    April 20-April 29, 2007

    Thank you and your Staff work to provide for us enjoyable stay in Bhutan. I very appreciate your company service, Bhutanese hospitality and your country uniqueness. I believe that Kandziu will be soon promoted by you, as he is very intelligent and open minded young men.

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    April 04 -April 17, 2007

    Wanted to thank you for the wonderful time my daughter and I had in Bhutan. I felt very privileged to even be in such a beautiful and peaceful country and will treasure the experience this for the rest of my life.
    Our guide "Tashi" and Driver "Tilay?" were so much fun and so professional and made our trip very enjoyable. Am trying to compile all the info and 1000 pictures I have of Bhutan into a small book. Again, thank you so much and if i ever want to go trekking in Bhutan, i will make sure I call you first.

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    Ten Broeke family, Holland
    July 05-July 22, 2006

    Tshering Dorji and Indra made this tour very special for us. They both were very helpful, very nice to our kids and very inspiring for ut to get to know a bit of the country of Bhutan. We would like to come back to Bhutan and if so we would certainly like to travel with them.

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    Ms Katrina Anne Walker & Mr Phillip William Wilson, Australia
    June 06-June 30, 2006

    Great tour, varied, relaxing pace but full of interesting sights and scenery. We will be back

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    Mr Christopher Richard Collins & Jennifer Lynn DeRosa, Washington DC
    June 16- June 20, 2006

    Very rewarding and full of unique and new experiences”. Mr. Yamu was very earnest and knowledgeable. Mr.Yamu and Dorji make a great team. Hotel Gangtey palace was great. Should have more hotels like this. The western style hotels are for the West.

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    Gordon Malensek and Irene Hayes,USA
    6 Nov- 12 Nov 2014

    Great trip. Few suggestions: Planning stages, discuss an upgrade in the hotels so we could decide if it would be worth it. Offer option to eat in an upgraded restaurant. Let the guide eat their meals with us.

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    Peter Lloyd and Friends, UK
    Oct 21 - Nov 03 2014

    The guide and driver were a good team. The guide was very good at organizing everything, as well as giving us all the cultural, history and religious information. The driver was brilliant. Thank you very much.

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    Seguin Family
    November 2014

    From Marilyn Seguin: We had the best adventure bike trip ever! We were thrilled to have experienced Bhutan. Loved everything especially the riding. I would advise future riders not to take $50. bill and only $100’s. Huge exchange difference for using the small note.There was a great article in NYT style magazine on riding in Bhutan. Wonderful article
    We ran into an Aspen friend at the Tigers Nest.We loved our stay in Bangkok as well. We stayed at the Shangra La Hotel on the river. Really wonderful. Also had a great experience at hotel at the airport Novotelle.Our guide rode in the van with the driver. He was 23 and the driver 26. They were wonderful and it was good for our son Beau to be around people the same age. Apparently the guides have to provide there own bike and few guides can afford this. They stayed there distance and were always there when we needed them.The other important thing is to bring all your own snacks. We did and were very grateful as the guide only provided candy.Highly recommend this trip. Marilyn