Nganglam is a small town in south east Bhutan. Not known for several years until the start of a huge cement factory few years ago. The start of Dungsam cement corporation limited has given breath to the surrounding community. Today Nganglam is a bustling town and is ever growing.

The road connection from Nganglam to several town in east Bhutan is further going to boost the economy of town. With connection to several east Bhutan towns Nganglam could grow to as big as Phuntsholing town in Bhutan.

nganglam town

A sleepy little town of Nganglam

Dungsem cement corporation in Nganglam employs little over 300 staff and manufactures various grades of cement. A large part of the cement is exported to India. The raw materials for this factory comes mostly from nearby areas. The start of this cement factory has benefited to local communities in the surround areas.

How to get to Nganglam?

The only way to get to Nganglam is by road. You can travel overland via Assam on Indian National highway 17 and take North route on reaching a small town of Patshala. The distance from Patshala to Nganglam is about 35km.

You will be passing elephant territory and you will see elephant dropping all along the way.

If you are traveling from Bhutan then you will have to drive to Shemgang and travel through Panbang to Nganglam. From Panbang to Nganglam is 55km and will take about an hour and half.

Things to see in Nganglam

Nganglam is a small town with population of about 2000 people. It has a school a small health centre and economy of this town circles around the cement factory. Nganglam is a good place for birdwatching. With warm tropical climate birdwatching in this region is possible 365 days in a year.

Do you need permit/visa to travel here?

Yes you do need Bhutan Government approved visa/travel permits to travel in this region.