Indian Travel Permit

indian travel permit

Indian travel permit

Indians and Bangladeshis do not require visa to visit Bhutan. They can bring their passports, voter card or any other identification card issued by their respective Governments for entry to Bhutan. Indian travel permit is a permit given to Indian citizens for traveling in Bhutan.

Entry permits for Indians and Bangladeshis are granted at the immigration desk in Paro or any entry point in Bhutan.

Once you produce your passport or voter card, Indians are given one week permit to visit Thimphu and Paro. You can further extend your duration of stay from the immigration office in Thimphu.

Travel permits beyond Thimphu

If you want to travel beyond Thimphu and Paro you will have to get a travel permits to the other places you want to visit from the immigration office in Thimphu. With this permits you can visit various places mentioned in the permit. How ever you should bear in mind that certain monuments and temples are out of bounds for all foreigners.

Driving overland

One good thing for Indians is that you can drive overland with your own car or hire a car from us. There is no restriction on the category of hotels that Indians can stay thus making travel in Bhutan cheap for Indians. For other nationalities its mandatory by Government rule to stay in three star and above hotels.


Sample Bhutan travel permit for Indian

Indian Travel Permit

June, July and August are three popular months for Indian tourists to visit Bhutan. When the Indian plains are blistering under the summers sun weather in Bhutan is cool and pleasant. That the reason when hoards of tourists from neighbouring state of India visit Bhutan.

Winter is another popular period when some people visit to witness some popular festivals in Bhutan. And some to see snowfall.

We process Indian travel permit. Travel permits cannot be processed in advance and will be given on arrival.

No other immigration offices are allowed to give you travel permits to places beyond Thimphu and Paro.

For all guests traveling with us we take care of all the travel permits and extensions on no extra fee.