Getting from Khushinagar to Lumbini

Getting from Khushinagar to Lumbini

Getting from Khushinagar to Lumbini is little tricky as there is no direct train or bus. The only way is to hire a taxi from Khushinagar to Lumbini or take different mode of transport before you reach the Nepal border town. From Nepal border town you will have to take a ride in a rickshaw past the border gate. From there you will have to take a rickshaw another few kilometres to a place called as Bairahawa. From Bairahawa you can take a taxi to Lumbini which will cost you about INR1200. If you take a bus it will cost you about INR100.

getting from khishinagar to lumina

Cheapest way to travel from Khushinagar to Lumbini

The cheapest way to travel to Lumbini from Khushinagar is by changing different vehicles as there are no direct buses traveling between this route. From Khusinagar bus stop you will have to take a bus to Gorakhpur which is about 180km from Khusinagar. Bus from Khushinagar to Gorakhpur will cost you INR 90 which is about US$1.50. From Gorakhpur you will take another bus to Sonali which is half the rate from Khushinagar to Gorakhpur. 

From Sonali you will take a rickshaw to Bairahawa and from Bairahawa you will travel to Lumbini. The total cost of the ride from Khusinagar to Lumbini will cost you about US$5