Crocodile breeding centre

Crocodile breeding centre

Crocodile breeding centre is one of the sightseeing places in Phuntsholing. Crocodile breeding centre in Phuntsholing is located about 10 minutes drive from the main business centre. The centre was started in the eighties with just few crocodiles and a small enclosure. The area then was only about 0.2 acres and had only one enclosure.

The centre was renovated thrice and the area increased to 0.6 acres today. The four enclosures today has 22 crocodiles and 4 gharials. Gharials are considered to be endangered species and are found only in captivity today.


Crocodile breeding centre 

The breeding program has been successful and the fully grown muggers and gharials are released into the wild in the Manas wildlife sanctuary. Though its been a uphill task for the mini zoo keepers and the managers the reptile breeding programme has been financed and carried out by the ministry of of Agriculture.

The aim of the mini zoo in not to breed the reptiles for its skin but to raise and release it into the wild. These reptiles form and important part of our ecology and they help to keep our marsh land and river system in balance.

Opening timing of the mini zoo

The mini zoo is open for visitors from 9 in the morning till 5 in the evening. You will have to pay a minimal entry fee and you will be charged separately if you are filming.

Location of the crocodile breeding centre.

The crocodile breeding centre is located about 1.5 km to the north of Phuntsholing main market place. It is about 10 minutes drive from the main city centre and you get cabs willing to take you there. The centre has enough parking space for about 10 small vehicles and about 50 people can go into the enclosure at one time.

All visitors to the crocodile breeding centre are requested not to throw any kind of food into the crocodile enclosure or disturb the animals by throwing stones at them.