There are many lhakhangs Paro that sometimes we miss out to pay a visit. These small places are beautiful and worth visiting. Lhakang and Goemba are considered sacred in Bhutan and you should never miss out a visit to these few places.


Lhakhangs Paro

Lhakhangs Paro

Druk Choeding Lhakangs

Druk Choeding Lhakang is located in the Paro town. It is also known as Tshongdue Naktshang. It is a quiet and beautiful lhakang considered as the town temple. It was built in 1525 by Ngawang Chhogyel who was a prince-abbot of Ralung in Tibet. The main statue in this lhakang is of Jampa (future Buddha). We can also see the wall mural of Ngawang Chhogyel in the right of the inner entrance. There is also a statue of the local protector ‘Gyenyen’ and also collection of old Bhutanese weapons and shields.

Khangkhu Lhakang.

This lhakang is located near several tourist resorts on the west bank of Paro River. It is a small village temple but beautiful and worth visiting. It is 2.11 kilometers away from main town of Paro.

Gonsaka Lhakang.

Gonsaka lhakang is located on the hillside above Paro. It is a beautiful lhakang where we can see the meditation cave of Pha Drun Drung who was the founder of Dzong. We can have the lovely view of the valley from this spot.

Pena Lhakang

Pena or Puna lhakang is believed to be founded by the Tibetan king called ‘Songsten Gyempo’ in the 7th century. This lhakang is one of the oldest temples in Bhutan. It is located near Dumtseg lhakang. The main statue of the temple is Jowo Nampar Namse, which is believed to have the power of fulfilling whishes. The main inner sanctum has the red-faced protector ‘Pehar’ in the corner and the stone footprint of a former Zhabdrung to the left.

Machig Pu Lhakang.

When you visit the Paro Taktsang, take a 15 minutes uphill trail to Machig Pu lhakang. This charming lhakang is where Bhutanese come to pray for children. The main statues in this temple are Machig and her husband Padampa Sangye. There is a cave behind the chapel where you can go and select the image of Tibetan saint for a baby girl and penis print on the cave wall for a baby boy.

Ugyen Tshenmo Lhakang

Ugyen Tshenmo lhakang is located above the Taktsang Goemba. It is a quiet temple where all you can hear are the sounds of wind, water and the creaking of the prayer wheels. This Goemba has an unusual set of four exterior protectors and an interior 3D Mandala.

Choedu Goemba

You can visit Choedu Goemba after you visit Drukgyel Dzong. It will take you only five minutes from the Dzong to reach the Goemba. Choedu Goemba has the statue of the blue-faced local protector called ‘Gyeb Dole’. This Goemba is also near the archery ground of Paro.

Dranjo Goemba

Dranjo Goemba is a monastic school which might look new to you from the outside. When you go inside, you will find some fine darkened murals. The Goemba houses the statue of the goddess of wealth called ‘Tserim’, riding on a snow lion and a lute hanging to the side. There are also the statues of the local protectors called ‘Shingkhab’ and ‘Gyenyen’. The temple also has the funeral stupa of the founder of Kichu Barawa.

Tengchen Goemba

Tengchen Goemba is located near the Kichu lhakang and Nak-Sel resort. The road to this Goemba is a dirt road. Visitors also go hiking starting from this spot to Dranjo Goemba which takes forty minutes.

Kuenga Choeling Goemba

The charming Kuenga Choeling Goemba is located below the Sangchen Choekor Shedra. The Goemba has finely carved alter in the upper floor and some magnificent murals such as of Tibetan King Songsten Gyempo. Inside the glass cabinet, we can see a tiny carving of Chenrisig set in the forehead of another Chenrisig statue through a magnifying glass.

Tsendo Girkha Goemba

You can visit the Tsendo Girkha Goemba when you find yourself in Kuenga Choeling Goemba. You can take the thirty minutes enjoyable walking path which the monks can show you and reach near the Tsendo Girkha Goemba.

These are some of the interesting and beautiful places that you might miss out in Paro. All these places are worth to be visited.

Donkola lhakhang

Donkola lhakhang is about 2 hours 30 minutes drive from the main down town Paro. The road is quite rough and suitable for only four wheel drive. This monastery is built on a mountain top with spectacular view of surrounding himalayan mountain ranges. This is a monastery was built by terton Tshering Dorji, one of the treasure discoverers. Legend has it that once a robber tried to steal a urn from the temple. He carried it some distance but couldn’t remove his hand which got stuck to the urn. He had to chop off his hand. This hand is still in display in the monastery.


donkola lhakhang



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