Car rental

Our Car rental service is for regional tourists (Indians and Bangladeshis) who don’t require visa to visit Bhutan. If you fall in this category and if you want to hire a car from us then contact us to check the availability. During the regional festivals you will have to book the car at least few weeks in advance.

For the confirmation you will have to pay us at least 30% of the total payment in advance. There is no refund for any cancellation in less than a month of the date of travel during the peak season for bigger vehicles (coaches and mini vans) and less than 25 days during the lean months.

Car Rental Types

car rental bhutan

car rental

We have a fleet of vehicles for hire. We have Japanese and Korean make SUV, mini van and mini coaches for hire. All our vehicles are less than 5 year old and well maintained. Our team of drivers and guides are polite, experienced and have driven through the mountains for several years.

You can hire our vehicle and even hire our guides but guide fee is not included in the vehicle hire charges. Our guide hire charges is minimum of Rs 700/day and the charges increase depending on the group size. The maximum guide hire charge is Rs 1500/day.

March, April, May, September, October and November are  busy  with several festivals falling in these months. Most hotel bookings and vehicle bookings are done six seven months in advance. Its very difficult to get bigger vehicles during this time so any car hire during this period should be done at least few months in advance.

Smaller Suvs are not a real problem but the availability should be checked with any car rental agents in Bhutan. Bhutan have very few hiring agencies so advance booking is necessary for a smooth holiday in Bhutan.action button

Public Transport

Public transports are available in Bhutan but the frequency of these public transports are limited to few times in a day which makes it inconvenient to people visiting Bhutan on a holiday. Cabs can be hired in different towns in Bhutan but these cabs are usually small Indian make cars which makes it uncomfortable especially for families traveling with children and luggage.

Bhutan doesn’t have ship or trains. The only way to travel is by car or by domestic flights.

We do not have train service in Bhutan and domestic flights are limited to few places and few times in a week.

It’s a good idea for people to research or write to an agent like us to check on the car rental services. For big groups or even small groups hiring several cars we can give a good discount any time of the year.

Bookings must be done in advance and advance payment must be paid for surety. We do not guarantee any booking without advance payment.

Our car rental charges are based on mileage covered during a day. For less than 100km run in a day we have a fixed rate. Our rental rate varies with the size and make of the car.

Our car rental rates are as given below:action button

Toyota Prado

Prado Capacity: Four passengers

Rental charges Rs 4500/day from the Phuntsholing (border town) and Rs 3500/day from the airport (Paro).

Toyota Innova

Capacity : 7 passengers

Hiring charges 3500/day from the border town and INR 4000 extra one way if picked from NJP or

bhutan toyota innova for hire

Toyota Innova

Bagdogra airport.

Hyundai Santa fee

Capacity: Four passengers

Hiring charges Rs3000/day from the airport and Rs 3500/day from the border town

Hyundai H1 for hire

Hyundai H1 Seating capacity: Five passengers

bhutan hyundai h1 hire

Hyundai H1

Hiring charges Rs 4000/day from the airport and Rs 4500/day from the border town.

Toyota hiace bus

Toyota Hiace bus Seating capacity: 8 passengers

Hiring charges Rs 4000 per day from the airport and Rs 5000/day from the border town.

Toyota coaster mini bus

Toyota coaster mini bus Seating capacity: 19/21 passengers

toyota coaster bus for hire

Toyota coaster bus

Hiring charges Rs 5000/day from the airport and  Rs 7000/day from Phuntsholing (border town).

*please note that this rate is applicable for tour within Thimphu, Paro, Punakha and Wangdue only

You will have to hire our vehicle for minimum two days. Once the vehicle is hired whether you use it or not you will be charged the minimum hiring charges. For the safety of the passengers, unless there is an emergency our vehicle will not move after seven in the evening. Our passenger carrying capacity is based on the capacity fixed by the Royal Government of Bhutan and its punishable by law to overload.action button

Car rental agencies in Bhutan

Bhutan is a small country with a population of little over seven hundred thousand. The scope of any business is very little. There are just handful of car hiring agencies. These car rental agencies mostly depend on tourism for the car hire. Since tourism is seasonal in Bhutan not many businesses have taken interest in starting rental agencies as full time business.

Hiring/renting a car from Hashimara station or from Bagdogra airport to Bhutan.

Bagdogra airport is almost 200km away from Phuntsholing, Bhutan border town. Any vehicle going to pick guests from the airport will cover more than 400km. Going by the kilometres it will be quite expensive for the clients so for pick and drop till the border town we use Indian vehicles. Hashimara railway station is about 22km from the border town so we use Bhutan vehicles.

Bhutan car rental will hire only good condition vehicles. We guarantee you a safe and comfortable travel within Bhutan.

Self driven Indian cars traveling in Bhutan

Indians can bring their own cars and travel in Bhutan. For a vehicle permit you will have to apply to the Road Safety Department for a minimal payment of about INR 100/day. For the vehicle travel permit you will have to produce all valid documents of the vehicle along with the driving license of the driver. action button