Senior citizen holiday

If you are looking for a senior citizen holiday in Bhutan then you have come to the right place.  Our senior citizen holiday tour package is affordable and customized to suit our 50+ senior citizens.

senior citizen holiday

Women perform folk dance

You have the choice to choose from the various tours we offer or customize your own itinerary based on your interest.  You can choose a relaxed sightseeing tour of Bhutan any time of the year. You can even choose a light adventure or time your travel to witness a rare festival in Bhutan.

This holiday tour package is especially designed for our 50+ guests keeping in mind the physical ability. We do not have long walk unless specifically requested. Most of our sightseeing is done using comfortable vehicles. Our holiday is flexible and our guest have the choice to do things at their own pace.

Best time holiday in Bhutan

The best time for senior citizen holiday is from March to May in spring and from September to November in the fall. These months are considered best for senior citizen holiday because the weather is favourable. Rest of the months are either too cold or too wet with period rain.

Best places

The nearby districts of of Paro, Thimphu, Punakha and Wangdue are considered best places for sightseeing for our senior citizen holiday tour package because of their proximity to the international airport and good road network. Some of our elderly guests do travel to central Bhutan but the distance is quite far and it involves long hours of drive.

Senior citizen enjoying company of youth.

Senior citizen enjoying company of youth.

Activities for our senior citizen holiday travellers.

Our senior citizen holiday tour package covers normal sightseeing tours and light adventures for our elderly guests. We have relaxed sightseeing tours and light adventure if our guests are interested.