Home stay

Home stay in Bhutan is our special tour package to connect with the rural folks. Our home stays  are special because we get to understand Bhutanese rural life better.

home stay in Bhutan

Home stay in Bhutan

Why is home stay program special?

This program brings us closer to the basic things in life from sharing a simple meal with a family to the early morning offering at the family alter. Life is so simple in the villages that we are living with the nature and depend on it for our livelihood.

Home stays is one way of sharing the benefits of tourism to the village level where the most poor live. This supplementary income has helped few farmers we have dealt with to improve their living condition. We hope in the near future more people will be benefited through this program.

Home stay is not a luxury program

You should understand that this is not a luxury package and it involves staying in a local home in the village. Most local homes in the village have basic facilities so you should be prepared to live and dine with the family members.


Get closer to the community through home stay program

Duration of home stay

During the entire trip you can choose to stay one night in any of the villages that we recommend. We will choose an authentic house in the village. This is good opportunity for you to get close to a Bhutanese family. I am sure you will love to dine with them and talk with them about anything.

Things to do

All guests in Bhutan get a warm welcome. You will experience the life style of rural folks and get to see the family go about their daily chorus like milking the cows, churning milk and preparing meals. Family alter is a special place in every Bhutanese homes and you will see how devout Bhutanese families are.

Home stay facilities

All Bhutanese homes are not air-conditioned and do not have heating system so it will be pretty cold during winter. So, we would recommend home stay during summer. All homes have basic toilet facility without hot shower.

Home stay is living in the Bhutanese home. Sleeping in the room without furniture. Watching rural families go about their daily chorus. Seeing them pray at the family alter. Last but not the least its understand how happy life is without cable Tv, internet connection and other modern gadgets. 

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