Fly fishing in Bhutan

Want to try fly fishing in Bhutan? Then you have come to the right people. For the past ten twelve years we have been accompanying people from all over the world on fly fishing trips in Bhutan. You could be one of our guests to return home after a wonderful flying fishing experience in Bhutan. 

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Our fly fishing guide showing his recent catch from the nearby rivers

fly fishing in Bhutan

fly fishing in thimphu

fly fishing experience in Bhutan

Where to do fly fishing in Bhutan?

Bhutan has 109 species of fish of which 41 species of fish are indigenous and some endemic to Bhutan. Some species like the golden mahaseer is declared endangered. Great conservation effort is underway in Bhutan and some of the breeding tributaries of the manas river are protected by the Department of forest of Bhutan. We have few golden mahaseer breeding centres with mature mahaseer and they are being nurtured to breed. 

Depending on various religious believes and the fish-breeding months, fishing is not permitted through out the year in Bhutan. 


Place Type of fish
Haa Rainbow trout, brown trout, local carp
Thimphu brown trout, asala
Punakha Brown barbel, asala
Bumthang brown trout, asala
Trashigang Brown barbel, asala
Manas Golden mahaseer, silver carp

Fishing permit

You require a permit to do fishing in Bhutan. The fishing permit cost about US$10/day. This permit will be obtained by us once you get your Bhutan visa. 

Months when fishing is permitted in Bhutan

Fishing is permitted in the following months

  • January to February
  • June to September 

Rest of the months fishing is not permitted because of religious belief or because its fish breeding months.

Equipments you must bring for Fly fishing

Most of the fly fishing equipments are not readily available in Bhutan so you must bring your own equipment depending on your experience and comfort. Our guide can make good number of flies but initially you must bring your own. 

Equipments required:

  • Reel and rod (weight 4 to 6)
  • Fishing boot and wader 
  • Indicator
  • Flies (our guide can make too and he might suggest the kind of flies best suited for the place you are fly fishing)
  • Leader and tippet.