Bhutan Visa

If Bhutan visa is what you are looking for then you have come to the right place. We apply Bhutan visa for all tourists visiting Bhutan. You can apply for Bhutan visa through us at any time of the year.

Special discount for tourists traveling during the  months of June, July, August, December, January and February.

Bhutan visa eligibility 

People of all nationalities having passport with more than six months validity can apply for Bhutan visa if you travel as tourist.

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Visa issuing agencies

Only Immigration office in Thimphu can give Bhutan visa. Bhutan embassies/consulates do not give Bhutan visa to anyone.

What is mandatory to get Bhutan visa?

  • All tourist(s) must deposit their full payment in advance for a tour operator to process the visa.
  • All tourists must travel through a Government licensed tour operator
  • Your passport must have minimum six months validity

Visa fee and visa extension

You will have to pay a one time visa fee of US$40. Incase you extend your visa you will have to pay US$20 as extension fee. Visa extension is done only in Thimphu and only on a working day.

Visa for country diplomats (While passport holders)

Visas for country diplomats will be applied by the concerned departments/ministries. Embassies will be informed accordingly.

Personal guest visa

Anyone in Bhutan can invite their friend to Bhutan as long as they have lived abroad for minimum 6 months and know the person personally. No online met friend will be given a personal guest visa.

Visa processing time

Tourists visa will take about 3 workings days

Personal guest visa will take few weeks

Bhutan embassies abroad

New York

New Delhi





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