Bhutan rhododendron festival 2018

Bhutan rhododendron festival 2018

Bhutan rhododendron festival 2018

Bhutan rhododendron festival  2018 is a special event held every year around the time when rhododendron is in full blossom in a place called as Lamperi which is about 35km from Thimphu.

Lamperi is at an altitude of about 2700 meters and was designated as a botanical garden several years back. In Lamperi you will be able to see different varieties of rhododendron and different species of plants.

This is a nice place built for recreation and nature walking trails. If you are lucky you will be able to see Khalij pheasant, Himalayan monal, deer, Himalayan black bear and at least 20 different species of birds.

What to see during Bhutan Rhododendron festival  2018

This festival is organized to raise awareness to the local communities about the importance of biodiversity. Rural folks are taught how to coexist with wild animals and how to protect their crops from wild life.

During the festival you will witness various local folk dances, cultural programs and exhibitions by the ministry of Agriculture.

6th Rhododendron festival to be held from 21 to 23 April 2018.

bhutan rhododendron festival 2018

bhutan rhododendron 2018

bhutan wild rhododendron

How much would it cost for a person during Bhutan rhododendron festival 2018?

Our cost is based on the kind of services you would want us to give you. The normal Bhutan Government sanctioned rate for a single person traveling is US$250/person per night stay in Bhutan. This is all inclusive rate and Includes your hotels, food, vehicle and guide. 

During the Bhutan rhododendron festival 2018 we expect at least few hundred tourists so it is all better to book in advance to secure good hotels. 

If you want to upgrade to higher categories of hotel then we will charge you extra for the upgrade. 

What duration is ideal for the festival?

Usually a week long visit should suffice but if you want to see more of Bhutan and its culture and people then you can stay for about 13 days. During the 13 days tour you will cover till central Bhutan. Places like Bumthang are beautiful and you will get to understand more of Bhutanese tradition, culture and its people. 

Your guide will be one good person who will talk on every aspect of this tiny kingdom and its people. You will go to most places and will love Bhutan and its culture.