Bhutan Australia friendship offer 2018

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bhutan australia friendship offer 2018

Bhutan Australia friendship offer 2018 is a special offer for all Australian nationals. Grab this offer and travel to Bhutan for price never given before. Hurry and book with us. Early birds get very special price. Book tour

fifty per cent discount for Australians

On the fifteen years of Friendship between Bhutan and Australia we offer all Australians 50% percent discount on our tour package. You will get 50% discount on the airfare too on all the airlines operating in Bhutan. Contact us

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Choose from a usual cultural tour to some light trekking and hiking adventures. You can do birdwatching or even ride mountain bikes for a day. If you are interested in culture then you can witness a local festival. Book now

fifty per cent discount for australian

Bhutan Australia friendship offer 2018 was launched on November 21 today in Thimphu.  2017 is special in the history of Bhutan and Australia as it marks 15 years of diplomatic relationship between the two countries.

What is Bhutan Australia friendship offer 2018?

To mark 15 years of friendship between Bhutan and Australia the Government of Bhutan launched this friendship offer for the year 2018. In the month of June, July and August 2018 all Australian can travel in Bhutan at a very discounted tour price. All airlines operating in Bhutan will give 50% discount on the airfare and the tour operators in Bhutan will charge almost half the price on all tour whether trekking of cultural tours.

How to book a tour during the Bhutan Australia friendship offer?

Booking a tour in Bhutan is simple. After you have decided your date let us know the activities you would like to do. Together we will make an itinerary and then book your choice of hotels and flight. After your hotels and flights are booked we will go on to process your payment to apply for your visa. We require your passport copy to apply for your visa. 

From where do I fly to Bhutan?

Flying from Thailand

If you are flying from Australia then the easiest route would be to fly to Bangkok as there are daily flights from Bangkok to Bhutan. The flight time from Bangkok to Paro, Bhutan is about 3 hours 40 minutes. 

Flying from Singapore

Singapore could also be an option but there are only few flights from Singapore to Bhutan. Comparatively airfare from Singapore to Bhutan is more expensive than from Bangkok, Thailand.

Flying from India

You can fly to Bhutan from the Indian cities of Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. Please check the flight schedule as there are no daily flights.

Flying from Nepal

There are daily flights from Nepal to Bhutan. The airfare is around US$300 for round trip and the flight time from Kathmandu to Bhutan is about 45 minutes. 

Cheapest and easiest route traveling from Australia to Bhutan

If you are thinking how to get to Bhutan from Australia then the cheapest and the easiest route is to fly to Bangkok, Thailand and from there fly to Bhutan. Only two airlines operate in and out of Bangkok to Bhutan. There are daily flights and the airfare is cheaper compared to flight from Singapore. As stated Singapore is another option but there are only three flights from there in a week. 

You can even fly to India or Nepal to fly to Bhutan.