Visit Bhutan 2016

Visit Bhutan 2016


Visit Bhutan 2016

Visit Bhutan 2016 is a special package we have designed to cater to the exact need of the guests. This will be one of the best experiences you can have in Bhutan traveling through us.

You can choose from a variety of activities we offer. You can go on a simple sightseeing tour or embark on some of our special adventure activities.

Visit Bhutan 2016 activities

Below are the various activities you can choose from:

  1. Long treks
  2. Short treks
  3. Easy Treks
  4. Day hikes
  5. Walking tours
  6. Village visit
  7. Home stays
  8. Cultural tour
  9. Meditation tour
  10. Agriculture tour
  11. Mountain biking
  12. Motor bike tour

Our price for visit Bhutan 2016

We offer you a very reasonable price for all our activities. Depending on your duration of stay we will offer you a affordable price. Contact us for visit Bhutan 2016 price