Druk path trek

[easy-tweet tweet=”Beautiful short trek in Bhutan”]Druk Path Trek is a short trek starting in Paro and crosses several mountain passes over 3500 meters to 4500 meters before arriving in Thimphu. Druk path trek is one beautiful trek with spectacular view of the surrounding Himalayan ranges and some beautiful lakes on the way. Most of the camp sites on this trek is over 3500 meters and the highest point on this route is about 4500 meters. Best time for this trek is in the spring from March to May and in the fall from September to November. Other months are either too wet or too cold but its doable then too. This trek is done is three days, five days and seven days depending on which version you prefer.

Druk path trek level of difficulty : moderately tough

Average walking time on druk path trek : 5/6 hours daily

druk path trek scene

Scene on Druk path trek

Druk path trek itinerary

First day trek from Paro to Jela Dzong

Distance: 10 km

Walking time: 6 hrs

camp altitude: 3000 mts

The trek starts from the national museum. You will follow a dirt road for some distance. The dirt road will give way to a trail through a pine forest. The trail is all uphill till you reach Jele Dzong an ancient monastery.

Second day trek from Jela Dzong to Jangchublakha

Distance: 10 km

Walking time: 4 h

camp altitude: 3770 mts

Today the trail is quite gradual and easy. The trail leads you through mostly pine forest. You will have good view of some high peaks in Bhutan.

Third day trek from  Jangchublakha to Jimilangtsho

Distance: 13 k

Walking time: 6 hrs

camp altitude: 3300 mts

The trek trail is gradual for some distance before you descent for a short distance and then climb uphill most part of the day. The camp site is beside a beautiful lake.

Fourth day trek from  Jimilangtsho to Labana

Distance: 15 k

Walking time: 7 hrs

camp altitude: 3500 mts

The trail is covered with juniper and dwarf rhododendron. You will pass two beautiful lakes Jentsho and Simkota.

Fifth day trek from  Labana to Thimphu

Distance: 12 k

Walking time: 6 hrs

Pass to cross: Pumo La, 4200 mts

The trek starts with a climb. In about one hour you will cross the highest pass on the trek route at 4200 meters. One you cross the Pumo la 4200 meters you will be able to see Thimphu valley. The trail is all downhill. Your vehicle will be waiting for you at the base of the hill. The  trek ends

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