We have been organizing trekking for the last 17 years and know our trekking routes well. If you are thinking of trekking in Bhutan then you can try our service. Our trekking guide and staff have over 15 years of trekking experience and can take good care of you.

Moderate trekking itineraries

moderate trek

Moderate trek

This is a moderate four days trek starting from Thimphu and ending in a village in Punakha. It crossed one of the mountain passes where a treaty was signed little over a century ago

three days trek

Three days trek

Bumthang Owl trek or this three days trek is a short trek passing through the villages of Bumthang. Bumthang owl trek is an interesting trek as you will get to see rural life in Bhutan

four days trek

Four days trek

Gangtey  Gonpa Black-necked Crane trek is a short four days trek in Bhutan. Gangtey trek starts in Gangtey valley and ends in Khotokha. Gangtey valley is know for black necked crane.

Bit tougher trek itineraries

druk path trek

Druk path trek

Druk path trek is a short trek which can be done in three days to five days depending on the duration you want. Its a lovely trek starting from Paro or can be done vice versa


seven days trek

Seven days trek

Dagala Thousand lakes trek or this one week trek is a moderate trek starting and ending in Thimphu district. This trek is particularly beautiful during summer when the wild flowers are in blossom.

eight days trek

Eight days trek

Dur hot spring trek or this eight days trek starts in Bumthang and ends in Bumthang. This is one special trek, much lesser trekked than other treks because its located in central Bhutan

Test your nerves

jhomolhari trek

Jhomolhari trek

Jhomolhari is one beautiful trek starting in Paro and going to the base of mount Jhumolhari. This takes you to some of the remotes villages.


ten days trek

Ten days trek

Laya Gasa  trek is ten days trek starting in Paro and crosses over beautiful landscape. On this trek, you will see the Jhomolhari Mountain


snowman trek

Snowman trek

This is the worlds toughest trek. This trek span from 24 days to one whole month. One must be really fit to do this trek


Am I fit for trekking in Bhutan?

All our treks are not in the plains and you will have to exert. Our treks are not for people with bad knees, heart disease, lunch disease or for people with physical disability. Age is not a factor determining whether a person can trek as long as one is emotionally strong and fit to walk at least five to six hours in a day. 

Try something more moderate. Our day hikes are worth exploring. 

Day hikes

Trekking season

March to May and from September to November is the best time to trek. Moderate treks can be done in winter (Dec, Jan, Feb). June, July and August is little wet because of the rain. 


Trekking gear provided

We provide sleeping tents, dining tents, sleeping mattress, tables and chairs gamow bags, first aid kit

Things to carry

You should bring warm jacket, trekking boots, socks, back pack, shades, walking stick

Trekking season in Bhutan

trekking season in Bhutan

Best trekking season

The months of March, April, May, September, October and November are the best months to trek. Rest of the months are either too cold or too wet to trek.

Trekking in Bhutan in winter

Treks like Sinchula trek, Samtengang trek are preferred during winter.

New trekking routes in Bhutan

In 2016 Tourism Council of Bhutan did an extensive survey of trekking routes in east and central Bhutan. These trekking routes were developed and maintained. Most of these trekking routes were ancient trade routes between different towns and villages. These new trekking routes have been properly maintained and are now ready for our guests to experience. You will experience wilderness and rural life still unspoilt and and untouched by modernization. 

Book any of these new trekking tours with us.


# Name of trek route  Dzongkhag  Entry Exit  Campsite 
1 Far- Out East Bhutan(Omba Nye) Trashiyangtse Tsenkharla Doksum Omba, Jangphu, Gongza
2 Tripple B(Baling- Bimkhar- Baney) Trashiyangtse Bayling Renja Bimkhar, Baney Gonpa
3 RigsumGonpa- Dechenphodrang Trashiyangtse Dungzam Womenang Pelri Gonpa, Solomang
4 Danglingtsho Trashigang Khaling Khaling Danglongtsho
5 Aja Nye Mongar Yadhi Yadhi Shing Dogorbha, Nimathang
6 Rodho(Gayzamchu to Ugyencholing Bumthang Geyzamchu Ugyencholing Wangphu, Shingkhar, Demnajong, Phokpai, Kitshom
7 Khandupang – Kheng Shingkhar Bumthang- Zhemgang Khandupang Shingkhar Thakpalangtsho, Changkhar
8 Dongla  Trashiyangtse-Lhuntse Tangmachu zam Trashi Yantse Minji, Pemi, Taupang, Shakshing
9 Royal Heritage Trek Bumthang- Trongsa Chumey Samcholing Jamsapang, Bjobchesa
10 Wild East Rodungla trek Lhuntse Tangmachu zam Ugyen Choling Phokpey, Ungar, Kheni Lhakhang,


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