snowman run

Snowman run

Snowman run is the world's toughest and the most challenging run. Bhutan will host the snowman run on October 13, 2020 coinciding with the wedding anniversary of the fifth king of Bhutan. This run will cover 300km and will be covered in 5 days.

Fittest and top runner from all over the world will take part in this event which is being organized to raise awareness of the impact of Climate change. Through these runners and the world media we hope to raise awareness to combat climate change.

snowman run

The Snowman run route

Register for the Snowman run

There is no registration fee for this run and anyone is free to register for this event. Register with us for this event. Please keep in mind that you will have to pay the normal tourist tariff fixed by the Government of Bhutan for your duration of stay.

During the event we will provide you with support staff and vehicle before the start of the event when you practice for the run. We will assign you a driver and a guide to assist you with your preparation.

Snowman run trail

Snowman run will be an annual event to raise awareness of global warming. Global warming is evident from the climate change seen around the world. Its a real threat to low lying countries and even to highland countries.

Every year we see erratic rainfall and various destructive forces of nature from flooding to huge wind surge destroying life and property around the world.

During the snowman run athletes will cover around 300km and will cross an altitude of around 5320 meters. They will get to see themselves the actual effect of climate change on the highland.

Our glaciers are receding and our moraine dams are giving way to devastating floods downstream. We have seen several flood in the last twenty years. Our rivers are slowly drying up. Its a matter of great concern and our drinking water source might dry up several years later.