Mountain Biking

If you have the required endurance and strength, and are looking for a unique geographic challenge afforded by steep and narrow single-track off-road mountain trails or if you simply want to slog it out on the tough mountain roads, Bhutan is the destination you are looking for. Mountain biking in Bhutan will be a great experience.

mountain biking tour in bhutan

mountain biking tour

Until very recently, mountain biking was an unknown sport in Bhutan. However, many Bhutanese, especially the younger lot, are realizing that mountain biking is a fun and healthy adventure sport. With the high demand for affordable bikes, several outlets have sprung in Thimphu. You will see students, office goers and even politicians riding bikes on the streets and narrow roads of Bhutan.

On road mountain biking

Our on-road itineraries offer the least taxing but adventurous biking experience. You will generally ride the wide tarmac roads passing through forests, sheer mountain slopes and open valleys. On longer journeys you will climb some of Bhutan’s famed mountain passes that in the old days served as trade routes. You will enjoy the serene ride amid exotic flora and fauna. However, the perfect Bhutan-style off-road biking is that of trail biking or what is more commonly called ‘hike on a bike’.

Biking over Chilila

Biking over Chilila

It involves riding a well-worn hiking trail with fairly steep climbs and sharp descents in the forested paths, over dirt roads and farm roads, and other unpaved tracks.

Often they are broad and often narrow, passing through ravines and streams, old tracks used by mule caravan sand new man-made trails.

Although these trails often run through several villages and are close to towns, they are still rated as difficult or very difficult, and we therefore recommend these tours to professional mountain bikers or those who have had some experience in mountain biking.

Bhutan also presents a perfect opportunity for freewheel downhill mountain biking but can be rather extreme experience for many. Given the vertiginous descents through sheer slopes of narrow mountain trails, downhill riding could come with many inherent risks.

Therefore, we strictly recommend this category to professional downhill riders only. Generally, we advise our guests to be mindful of the risks that come with biking in unfamiliar mountainous trails. We recommend a highly professional gear, including protective equipment and body armor.

AB Travel will provide you with experienced guides who will help you pick friendly and less taxing trails based on your experience level. We also provide mechanics and support vehicles. And we hope you are in top health to try the dare-devilish feats that often come as part and parcel of mountain biking.

Motor biking in Bhutan

Motor biking in Bhutan is fun as our roads are winding and less crowded. Most of our motor bike tours starts in the Indian plains and end in India.


Motor biking in Bhutan