Paro festival 2019

Festival in Paro in 2019 will be held from March 17 to March 21

Paro Festival is one of the most popular festivals celebrated in the spring in Bhutan.

atasara during paro festival

costume worn by bhutanese

Paro festival origin

This festival is celebrated every year in the spring to commemorate the great master Guru Rinpoche who introduced Buddhism in Bhutan. This is one of the most popular festivals in Bhutan. Many people come from within and without to witness this great event. 

Since this is a popular festival lot of people come for this festival. Hotels and the airlines fill up soon so its better to book hotels and flights several months in advance. 

Scene from the festival

monks during paro festival

Young monks

festival ground paro festival 2018

mask dance

atasara paro festival clown

festival jesters

paro festival 2018 giant scroll

Giant scroll displayed

During the festival you will see various mask dances and folk dances performed by the monks in the monastery. The Paro festival start on March 17 and ends on March 21. This five day festival will attract thousands of tourists and devotees.

Its a good time for intermingle with the locals and a great time to watch people dressed in their fineries. You will get to witness variety of things totally unique that exists only in Bhutan.


When is the right time to book for the festival?

The sooner you book the better to secure seat on the flight and to get good hotels. This is a very popular festival and seats fill up very fast. Some people book as early as an year in advance.

A week before and a week after the festival most flights and the hotels are overbooked. 

For confirming your travel you will have to at least buy your airline tickets. The rest of the payment can be transferred as the dates close in. Your visa can be applied about 45 days before your date of travel. 

Dress like a local

During the festival you can dress like a local. We will provide you a local dress. You can dress in our local costume and take pictures. It will be fun as you will love being with the local people dressed like them. 

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Some Bhutanese words

Tshe-chu : festival in local language

Kira - female dress

Gho - male dress

Toe - food

Chu- water

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