Gomphu kora festival

Gomphu kora festival is one very popular festival in east Bhutan. The place comes alive, once every year, when people all over eastern Bhutan descend upon the narrow valley, dressed in fineries, to partake in the festivity, to worship and reunite themselves with their illustrious past.

The sanctity of the three-day religious festival equally draws the Dakpa tribe in neighboring Arunachal Pradesh (India) who endure days of travel on foot amid rugged environs with entire families in tow.

gomphukora festival bhutan

Gomphukora festival

Some say the Dakpas have done this for more than a millennium, beginning shortly after Guru Padmasambhava sanctified the place in the 8th century AD.So, in just the blink of an eye, the otherwise desolate rock-scarred landscape mushrooms into a town of tents and huts filled with people of all shades and colors.

Towards dusk, the occupants of these makeshift dwellings join a fiver of crowd for the clockwise circumambulation of the temple and the rock chanting the omnipotent mantra of Guru Rinpoche. This often lasts till dawn. The Guru is attributed to have said that devotees will flock to Gomphu Kora for eons on to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. There couldn’t be a more accurate prophesy.

Gomphu kora festival

This festival is celebrated every year in the spring. It is one unique festival where you get to witness things same and yet different from the rest of the festivals celebrated in Bhutan.

During the evenings people go around the stupa and sing a song which might be funny to most foreigners but its been a tradition for a long long time. This is one place young people came looking for bride. In a short courtship most tied their nuptial knot.

Even today the tradition of courtship remains the same between young males and females. There can’t be a stranger way to find a life partner.