phuntsholing zangtopelri

phuntsholing zangtopelri

Phuntsholing zangtopelri lhakhang is one of the sightseeing places in Phuntsholing. This monastery is located in the centre of the Phutsholing main shopping centre and is walking distance from the Bhutan gate and the Indian town of Jaigaon across the border. Zangtopelri mean abode of Guru Rinpoche (Bhutanese people call him the second Buddha, he was the saint who introduced Buddhism in Bhutan in the 7th century). This monastery is supposed to be the replica of his celestial abode.

Phuntsholing Zangtopelri Lhakhang was built in the early nineties by Aku Trongmi (the person who wrote the national Anthem of Bhutan) with the help of donation from all quarters of the Bhutanese people. This is the only monastery after Kharbandhi Gyemba in the town of Phuntsholing. Spread over almost half acre there are nice shady places to sit and relax on a hot sunny days.

This is a small place and its shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to walk around the whole place. Being in a walking distance from the immigration office this is a good place for Indians to visit when their permits are being processed or when waiting for their turn to come for the biometrics.

Main shopping/entertainment centres around Phuntsholing Zangtopelri

  • Kizom Cafe : Walking distance. You get nice coffee and pastries. Its a full AC cafe so its a good place to relax
  • Tashi Cell: If you want local mobile connection then you can go to Tashi Cell office which is across the Zangtopelri. A tourist Sim in Bhutan will cost about INR 210 with about 180 worth talk time. The sim activation takes about 30 minutes.
  • JPLP Grocery: This mini mall is across the zangtopelri and you can shop all groceries item here.
  • Central hotel: specializes in Indian dish and have lodge too.
  • Karaoke bars : There are several karaoke bars in the nearby area. These are open only at night
  • Dance bar (drayangs): Open at night. Its a bar where females dance to entertain people. No entry fee charges but drinks are charged almost double the normal rate.