Online Bhutan Travel Permit

Online Bhutan travel permit application form can be filled and submitted through us  for all Indians and Bangladeshis. You can apply Bhutan travel permit by filling up the online Bhutan travel permit form below. Indians/Bangladeshis are given travel permit in Bhutan and not a visa. Online Bhutan travel permit is live and you can apply for the permit in advance us. We will process and get you the permit in advance.


Online Bhutan travel permit

We charge a nominal administrative fee for the travel permit. The travel permit do not cost anything if you apply it yourself at the entry points but usually it involves several hours of waiting in queue.

Check Online visa application form for other tourists (beside Indians and Bangladeshis) below.

Once we get your basic information with your support document we process your visa. We will process your travel permit within two working days when you have enough time and within few hours in case of last minute booking. For permit(s) to be processed within one day we will charge INR 1000 extra.

If you are traveling overland there is no hassle of having to wait for several hours in the immigration office in the border town. You can directly drive with the online Bhutan travel permit we provide you in advance.

With this travel permit you can travel to all the towns in Bhutan without having to go to the immigration office in Thimphu to make another special permit to restricted areas.

Advantage of online Bhutan travel permit

You don’t have to stand in queue outside the immigration office to make permit especially in the border towns. Sometime when the number of applicants are more getting a travel permit will take several hours.

You don’t have to make another special travel permit in Thimphu to travel to other places.

Permit is given to you in advance saving time and hassle of having to go through several protocol.

Important thing to note for online Bhutan travel permit

The online applications have to be scrutinized/verified and approved by Department of Immigration. Government offices are closed on weekends and Government holidays so any online application(s) submitted on a holiday will be processed only on next working day.

Documents required for Bhutan travel permit

  1. Passport
  2. Clear picture/photo
  3. Travel itinerary with dates

Apply for Bhutan travel permit below

All field marked with a star is mandatory.

Online visa application form for other tourists.

International tourists, besides Indians and Bangladeshis can fill the form below to apply for your Bhutan visa. Your visa approval is based on your transfer of the daily minimum tariff set by the Royal Government of Bhutan. You can choose any kind of trip in Bhutan from cultural tour to light adventure to strenuous trekking for several days.

Requirements for Bhutan visa:
  1. Scanned copy of your passport in colour
  2. Full payment to Bhutan Government account
  3. Confirmation of logistics and ground arrangements
  4. Confirmation of guide
  5. Confirmed travel itinerary
  6. Round trip airline confirmation.
  7. Passport valid for minimum 6 months from the date of travel

Group Name (required)

Total number (required)

Date of arrival (required)

Date of departure (required)

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