Night life Thimphu

Night life Thimphu can be something to experience after a busy day of sightseeing in Thimphu. Other than visiting religious and historic sights in Thimphu, you can also enjoy the night life Thimphu. During the day you can enjoy the landscape and beauty of the Himalayas and at night you can get along with the rhythm of the city. Good food and good music is also essential in everyone’s life especially when you are on a vacation. Here are few places that might make you feel interested when you are here at Thimphu.

night life Thimphu

Bar stacked up- night life Thimphu

Night life Thimphu few places to hang out


If you want to enjoy live music when you are in Thimphu, then Mojo Park is the one for you. It is located in the main town and you will easily spot Mojo Park when you are having a look around the town. Mojo Park falls on the Chang Lam road. It gets open from 7 pm and stays up late but is closed on Tuesdays. Here you can grab a glass of beer and enjoy the music with your friends and loved ones. Mojo has live music everyday which makes it very interesting. Mojo Park is the first live music lounge in Thimphu which started in 2011. You will find it as a perfect place to hang out and enjoy your beer and air. You can enjoy local whiskey such as K5 or Misty Peak and even taste our Bhutanese beer called Druk 11000 or Druk Lager. You can even order cocktails, foods and finger snacks from the bar’s kitchen.

The music programs of Mojo are that on Mondays, they have Monday Night Blues Jam. On Wednesdays, they have Acoustic Acts and on Thursdays, they have Solo Acts. Weekend Band Act is played on Fridays and Saturdays. At last on Sundays, they have Low Profile Sunday, Originals. You can also grab the opportunity to perform or jam with the local band in Mojo, if you happen to be a singer or a musician. Mojo always gives the platform for the music lovers.

You can also check out face book page of Mojo Park to check for the upcoming special shows which they usually hold. They will start from 9 pm if there is any a special band or musician coming. You will also see that Mojo also sells paintings of popular musicians, artists and personalities which are an endeavor to help artists sell their painting.


Space 34 is a nightclub and lounge which is located in the heart of the capital for over 10 years. It is the first choice of the party lovers and rockers. You will see that the people will start coming here from about 11 pm and start living the night. It is just few minutes away from the popular expat restaurant The Zone. The club stays open till 12 midnight on Wednesdays and till 1 am on weekends (Fridays & Saturdays).

The entry fee for individuals is usually Nu.350 but might get around Nu.500 depending on special occasions. On Wednesday nights, it is entry free for ladies. The club is cozy and has thumping electro beats with local DJs and live music. Though the party nights fall only on three days but on other days of the week, it stays open for karaoke and pub from 3 pm.


Viva City is all about music, bar and food. The most popular night clubs along with Space 34 is Viva City. It is located just above the city bus and taxi parking of the city. Viva City also brings local bands and artists to perform in the club for more enjoyable night. The most interesting part of Viva City is that it has big open air area in the front which has seating places and serves you foods and snacks. The big area looks wonderful at nights as it is always decorated bright and colorful with lights.

The night club is open on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The entry fee is also Nu.350 for individuals and free entry on Wednesday nights for ladies.


Zest bar and lounge is located at the Jaffa building near the UNDP building. It is a nice comfortable place with style. You can get a seat with your friends and enjoy looking down the town. The bar will serve you exotic cocktails especially preferred by ladies and beer for the beer lovers. On the other hand, Zest also offers special deals if you want to celebrate your special occasions with dinners at the bar.

Zest bar and lounge is opened from 11 am till 11:45 pm on Fridays and Saturdays but closes at 10:30 pm on other days of the week.


Here you need not dress up so much; you can just get casual and walk into it. This place is dynamic and a great place if you are looking for a cool elderly hangout. You will see business men without their formal dresses here to make some deals happening with their clients. This place attracts mostly men who love to have a wooden bar table and beer on their hand.


If you are movie lover and want to spend your night with a movie, then you can hit for the City Cinema. You can try watching some Bhutanese movies and check around the cinema for English subtitles. It will be a wonderful experience for you to watch a Bhutanese movie which is just emerging in the Bhutanese market.


Khuju luyang is a cultural performance show located in Gongphel Lam. Here you will see that they perform hour-long selection of religious, regional, folk songs and dances. The performers also perform Cham which are masked dances. It is worth to witness these masked dances and more enjoyable if you had missed to watch the tsechu festivals of Bhutan. On the other hand, there are also performances where they sing songs from Laya and Sakteng along with the live music on the flute, fiddle, zither and Dranyen (flute).

So, these are the few places where you can enjoy and spent your night in Thimphu. On the other hand if you want a silent night, then go for a drive till Tashichhoe dzong. You will love the view of Tashichhoe dzong at night where it will be lighted with beautiful colored bulbs and river flowing from the side.