Light adventure

Light adventure includes all the activities that are done is one day or within few hours. Light adventure activities are mostly done with culture tour.

Light adventure activities

Day hikes

day hike bhutan

We have hikes from few hours to one full day. You can choose a very easy day hike on flat land or choose strenuous day hikes up steep gradient.


Motor biking

motor biking tour

We have good number of Enfield 500cc bikes. If you are interested then you can hit the road with our team of professional bikers.


Enjoy mountain biking in Bhutan with our team of experienced bikers. More>

Village walks

village walk tour

You will walk through villages and visit some houses. You will get first hand experience of the life in rural Bhutan. Village walk tour should interest you. 

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White water rafting

river rafting Bhutan

We arrange river rafting as a part of light adventure. Most of these rafting are done in calm water with the help of professional rafting guides. 

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Want to try weaving, making cheese or cooking a Bhutanese dish? More>


Usually most of our light adventure activities are combined with our other tour program like culture tour. Save motor biking and mountain biking other light adventure activities alone can't be a complete tour program. Our these activities will take you from urban centres to rural Bhutan where the main Bhutanese tradition and culture lies still untouched by modernization. 

We can arrange these activities in varying degrees. You can choose an easy activity or choose a bit tougher activity which requires good amount of muscle flexing. We have experienced guides accompanying you so you are in safe hands.

Our light adventure activities can be in the form of one night camping too. You can camp in the mountains surrounding any of the towns in Bhutan. We have good camping equipments which should make you comfortable.