Kalacharka 2017 information

Kalacharka 2017 information

kalachakra 2017 information is important for all Buddhist pilgrims who are coming for the kalachakra. Kalachakra in 2017 is being held from January 03 to January 14.


Kalachakra 2017 information

Kalachakra or Dungkar Wangchen as its know to Buddhist in the Himalayan region is being held in Bodhgaya from Januray 3 to January 14 , 2016. The initiation will be done by HH the Dalai Lama. This will be the last kalachakra to be presided by the Dalai Lama.

The kalachakra ceremony will continue to be organized but will be headed by different Buddhist lamas.

Registration for the Kalachakra

For smooth functioning of the great Buddhist event and for security reasons all devotees will have to register for the kalachakra.

You can register online or register with the counters that are open in Bodhgaya everyday. For registration you need a passport size photo  and your ID card.

Click below to register online for the Kalachakra


After registration you will be given a registration number which you will have to take a dog to the registration counters in Bodhgaya to get a entry pass. You won’t be given entry into the kalachakra ground without an entry pass.

Getting hotels, guest house or other type of accommodation during the 2017 kalachakra.

Bodhgaya has few good hotels and dozens of guest houses nearby the bodhi temples. Most of these guest houses charge from INR 400 to INR 1200 during other times but the accommodation hike up the price by ten fold during the Kalachakra.

Most of the owners say this is the only time they do good business and people will take it no matter how high they charge as there is no alternative. The price hike will start from 1st January for a 15 days period.

Cheaper accommodation

cheaper accommodations are available on the outskirts. You might have to take a cab everyday but it’s still cheaper than paying $1000 or more for the 15 days period.