Hotels in Bhutan

accom-termalincaHotels in Bhutan can be booked through us. We offer good discount for booking hotels in Bhutan through us. You have the choice to book different categories of hotels in Bhutan. Hotels in Bhutan can be categorized into standard, three stars and luxury hotels. All standard hotels have basic facilities like clean room, neat bathroom and a normal bed. Standard hotels are not used for dollar paying tourists. Standard hotels are used by locals and regional tourists.

Three star hotels in Bhutan

All three star hotels in Bhutan are categorized by the Government of Bhutan and is the minimum standard required to be used for all dollar paying tourists. Three star hotels in Bhutan are available in almost all the towns in Bhutan. The standard of hotels  vary a little from west to east. The hotels in western Bhutan are of higher standard compared to the hotels in east Bhutan.

Luxury hotels in Bhutan

All luxury five-star hotels and boutiques are managed by Internationally known chains so the standards are comparable to any of its chains around the world. The price of these hotels might be slightly higher than it properties else where in the world. Most of the luxury hotels are concentrated in West Bhutan and few in central Bhutan. East Bhutan doesn’t have any luxury hotels.

Hotels in Western Bhutan

udumwara resort-dining area-3

Udumwara Resort


Gangtey Palace


Rema Resort


Olathang Hotel

metta resort

Metta Resort & Spa

nak-sel boutique-1-min

Nak-Sel Boutique & Spa

Zhiwa Ling-Lobby

Zhiwa Ling Hotel

meri punesum

Meri Puensum

uma punakha

Uma Punakha

hotel lobesa-surrounding

Hotel Lobesa

dhensa resorts-open area

Dhensa Boutique Resorts

hotel vara

Hotel Vara

drubchhu resort

Drubchhu Resort


Dewachen Hotel

gangtey goenpa lodge

Gangtey Goenpa Lodge


Kichu Resort

dragon nest-rooms

Dragon’s Nest Resort

Punatsangchhu-Room (Deluxe)

Punatshangchhu Cottages

Pema Karpo-Pool

Hotel Pema Karpo

amankora paro living room

Amankora Paro

amankora thimphu exterior

Amankora Thimphu

amankora punakha lounge

Amankora Punakha

amankora gangtey dining room

Amankora Gangtey

amankora bumthang suite

Amankora Bumthang

Hotels in Central Bhutan

rinchen ling-cottage

Rinchen Ling Resort

Jakar Village Lodge-Standard

Jakar Village Lodge

Wangdichholing Resort-Standard King

Wangdichholing Resort

Valley Resort-Dining Area

Valley Resort

yangkhil resort

Yangkhil Resort