Good restaurants Thimphu

Good restaurants Thimphu is something you might be looking for. After a tiring day of sightseeing or hikes, you would always want a good food to finish your day. On the other hand, you might want to start your day with a lovely breakfast and enjoy and explore the view around you. Here are some of the best and most visited restaurants of Thimphu.

good restaurants thimphu

Restaurant in Thimphu

Good restaurants Thimphu list


Babesa Village restaurant is an authentic Bhutanese cuisine restaurant. The restaurant is inside a traditional building which is a 400 years old mud building. You will love to visit this restaurant which will even take you back to history of traditional buildings of Bhutan. The restaurant is located a bit far from the town but not too far as it is just above the highway.

You can either sit on the chairs or feel relaxed by sitting on the floor with cuisines. Everything will be offered in wooden bowls and spoons which is really traditional. You will be welcomed with butter tea and traditional roasted rice called Zaw. Then the dishes will be such as local white rice or red rice, Emma Datshi which is chilies in cheese, pork ribs, dried chili Datshi, Loam paa, egg Maru, dried beef, fried cheese, eggplants and seaweed soup. The restaurant is known for its authenticity.


San Maru is a restaurant which is located in the Norzin Lam, Thimphu. San means mountains and Maru means clouds in Korean terminology and the mountains becomes a resting place when the heavy clouds rest on it. So, the name of the restaurant means ‘a resting place’. San Maru is Korean restaurant where it is open from 11 am but closed on Tuesdays.

The food of this restaurant is excellent and it might cost about US$ 30 for a dinner to two. The owner of the restaurant is Mr.Tashi. Some of the menu of San Maru are Bibimbap which is rice mix with vegetables or beef, kimchi fried rice which is served in hot stone pot with egg or tuna, Tteok guk which is Korean rice cake soup with beef and Doen Jan jji gae which is a soybean paste stew.

For barbeque, you will get such as Sam gyup sal which is pork belly, kimchi stew and rice, side dish and lettuce. You can even taste Korean tea like brown rice green tea and buckwheat tea. You can have smoothies like chocolate banana and even taste soju which is traditional rice wine of Korea. You will get lunch from 11:30 am to 3 pm and dinner is from 5:30pm to 9 pm.


Ambient café is a healthy and vegetarian friendly café. It is located to the opposite of Druk Punjab Bank. The food of the café offers you best coffee and home made cakes. The cuisines offered by this café are American and European. You will love the atmosphere of this place which is friendly, interesting people and free Wi-Fi.

The place also offers you some books to read as you drink your espresso coffee with comfortable sitting places. It is a good gathering place where it offers menu such as Tofu curry, Quiche, Hummus Platter, Lasagna, sandwiches, wraps and fresh fruit shakes. So, if you are looking for a café which serves you wide varieties of freshly roasted coffees, selection of teas, eggless cakes and healthy meals and snacks, then you should visit ambient café.


Sinchula restaurant serves Indian and Bhutanese cuisines which is located in Phendey Lam, Hong Kong market, Thimphu. It stays open from10 am to 10 pm except on Tuesdays. The menu serves you varieties of meals such as pork thali, chicken thali, Bhutanese veg or non-veg thali, fish butter masala, murgh curry, dal makhani, kadai paneer, jeera rice, Hyderbadhi biryani, kulcha, butter/plain/garlic naan and malai kofta.

If you want to have snacks and tea, then you can order cheese pokora, drums of heaven, potato wedges or aloo chat. This is a perfect restaurant if you are looking for an authentic and affordable Indian restaurant which takes its food seriously as Chef Prakash of Sinchula was trained in India.


Ama means mother in Bhutanese terminology and so the restaurant’s name means a restaurant which serves just like our mother. The restaurant serves Bhutanese cuisines which are good quality and tasty. Ama restaurant is located just in the heart of the city. You will find a bit hard to find the restaurant as it is in the basement of the building. You need not wait long if you are hungry as the service is fast. You will be blown away by the delicious dishes they offer. It is a cozy restaurant but you will love once you have a seat there.


Located in the Chang Lam square is the crowed café called Coffee Culture. This café is known for hanging out with friends, great latte, sandwiches, pizza and free Wi-Fi. You can even have you lone time here with a great coffee on the side. The varieties of pizza they offer are meat lovers, ham salami, sausage and Margarita. For sandwich, you can get tuna, egg, BBQ tenderloin, Momo, chicken drumsticks and hot dog. The variety of beverages also has a wide range.


Yu Wang restaurant is located in Ata Khangzang building, Thimphu which is open from 9 am to 10 pm except on Saturdays. Yu Wang is bar, café, and pub and serves Asian cuisines. They serve mostly Chinese food with good ambience. If you are looking for yummy chicken momo then Yu Wang restaurant is the one.


If you have a sweet tooth then you should visit the Swiss bakery. This bakery offers cakes, pastries, and coffee and is especially known for Swiss roll, chocolates and éclairs. You will see Swiss bakery as it is located a little above the main traffic.


The Zone is a half bar and half diner which has a beautiful, enjoyable outdoor. The restaurant is located in the central which is just above the Changlimithang stadium. You love this place if you are looking for an outdoor pub style seats where you can have your coffee or beer and enjoy watching the people. The Zone opens from 11 am till 10 pm. Even for vegetarians you will have great choice of foods and for non vegetarian; the best part is the Yak burger. You will love to taste the yak burger and wash it down with a red panda or Druk lager beer.


Upstairs is a beautiful restaurant which is located above ‘My Mart’. The restaurant serves Bhutanese, Nepali, and Indian, Italian cuisines. You will love the surrounding of the restaurant with a separate karaoke lounge and a better service.