Five must see places Paro

Five must see places Paro are some of the sightseeing places in Paro that you shouldn’t miss on your visit to Paro.

There are few places in Paro that might not be in your list but here are those lists of places that you should visit before leaving from Paro. A beautiful and memorable holiday is contributed by every single place and people.

five must see places paro

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List of five must see places Paro

Ugyen Pelri Palace and Five chortens

When you find yourself visiting the Rinpung Dzong, do not forget to visit Ugyen Pelri Palace which is located at the foot of the road. You can also see the view of this Palace from above the Rinpung Dzong. Ugyen Pelri Palace was built by the Paro Penlop Tshering Penjor in the early 19th century. The Palace is designed after the celestial paradise of Guru Rinpoche’s which we call ‘Zangto Pelri’. The architecture of this Palace is considered one of the most beautiful examples of Bhutanese architecture. At present, the Palace is a residence of the Queen’s mother.

Beside Ugyen Pelri Palace, you will see the five chortens. These five squared chortens were built in memory of the first king of Bhutan, Sir Ugyen Wangchuk.

Paro weekend market

In the Paro town, there is a Sunday market where you will come across to some of Bhutan’s unique local products. These weekly market is not that expanded but is the busiest one. When we visit this market, we get the traditional feeling and atmosphere. You will see products in this market such as organic honey all way from Tsirang, square of dried jellied cow skin called Khoo, strings of dried yak cheese called Chugo and slabs of cheese called Datshi. You will notice that there is a fruit which looks like an orange egg which is actually a betel nut, is sold everywhere. Bhutanese prefer to eat this betel nut with a digestive pink paste lime and a leaf.

There are also exotic-looking ferns, powdered juniper incense, dried red big chilies of Bhutan and dumplings which is sold everywhere. Here you can also buy a beautiful traditional kira or a traditional prayer wheel as a collector’s item. It is best to buy the authentic Bhutanese things in this market such as handicrafts, boots and woven goods. The Sunday market is busiest from morning 6:30 am to 10 am.

Jele Dzong

Jele Dzong or Jili Dzong is a small Dzong or fortress in Jeshigang village, Paro. It is not massive in structure like of other dzongs in Paro but the trek to this Dzong is worth visiting. The Dzong was built by Ngawang Chhogyel in the 15th century. In the time of Bhutan’s first King, people travelled a lot on foot or horses. The first King himself travelled a lot to make the country one with his army. In medieval times, Jele Dzong served as a shelter to both the travelers and horses. The caretaker of the Dzong used to give food to all the shelter seekers. Jele Dzong was one of the famous night halt places in Bhutan.

Now the Dzong is in ruins and situated at an altitude of 3450 meters above Paro valley. We can reach Jele Dzong by drive about an hour to Damchena and hike to Jele Dzong for two and half hours. The trek goes through the village of Jeshigang where you will be walking through mixed coniferous forests and even see white langurs. You will also enjoy seeing Himalayan musk deer and Monal Pheasant on the way. One advice for your trekking is that you will witness the magnificent view of sun setting over the mountain peaks, if you arrive at the spot before sunset.

Nyamai Zam

Nyamai Zam is a traditional wooden covered bridge which is located below Paro Rinpung Dzong. The present bridge is the reconstruction of the former bridge which was washed away by the flood in 1969. This beautiful bridge contributes to one of the Bhutanese architecture. In early times, this bridge used to be removed in the times of invasions as to protect the Dzong. You can take great pictures of the Dzong from the bridge as most of the picturesque pictures of Paro Dzong are taken from here.

Zuri Dzong

In 1352, Zuri Dzong was built as a fort. When you visit here, you can see the main building of the Dzong. It is a five-storey building which is still well protected by double walls and a bridge. When you enter the upper chapels, there are some beautiful murals such as of protector Zha. You can reach here from Gonsaka lhakang by trekking, which is considered as the best hike to Zuri Dzong.

You should not miss any sites from this list to visit. It will surely make your trip to Bhutan as one of the most memorable one. The level of difficulty is moderate for all the sites.