Limukha day hike

Limukha day hike is a half day hike to the village of Limukha is Punakha district.

The hike starts from the bridge in Khuruthang in Punakha and ends in the village of Limukha.

limukha day hike

The hiking trail passes through chir pine forest and the trail is uphill climb. You have to climb for about two and half hours till you reach the hill top.

The trail starts at an elevation of 1300 meters and will reach about 1800 meters in the Limukha village.

Once the trail reaches the hilltop where the school is the path is gradual climb to Limukha village.

You will have lunch near the school and proceed further or you can get in your car and return to your hotel.

Things to do in Limukha

It will be interesting to visit the small school in Limukha and talk to the principal and teachers.

If the principal allows then you can interact with some students in the school and see how they learn in the classrooms.

In Limukha you will visit the village temple and few houses in the village. It will be interesting to see farmers working in the field or at home making butter and cheese.

Good time for Limukha day hike

This hike is not suitable when its really wet otherwise this hike can be done through out the year.

Level of fitness required.

Fitness should not be a problem unless you have very bad knees. The hike is comparatively easy as its at lower altitude and the trail is not as strenuous as most other day hikes in different towns in Bhutan.

If you feel you want to try something different or something little harder then you can try some of our treks, camping, mountain biking tours, birdwatching trips or simply go on a cultural tour.

If you like culture and tradition then you can visit Bhutan during a festival as festival will show you an array of events.