kuenselphodrang day hike

Kuenselphodrang day hike

Brief information about the hike

Kuenselphodrang day hike is one full day hike starting in Kuenselphodrang and ending in the same place. The trail is mostly uphill through pine forest.

Day hike grade: moderate hard

Duration: 7 hours

kuenselphodrang day hike

Day hike full details

Description of the kuenselphodrang day hike by Pema, manager AB travel, after trail survey in the Spring of 2012.

We got up at the crack of dawn and after filling our day packs with "grubs" for the day, we set out to discovery a new hiking trail. Our trail was to start from Kuenselphodrang aka Buddha point (famous amongst young couples during weekends for romance and nitty gritty things in life and for the tourist as a sightseeing place.) Kuenselphodrang  is on a spur commanding the Thimphu valley.

About 10 minutes drive from down town Thimphu, K is a perfect place to go biking or even on a leisurely walk. Kuenselphodrang has the tallest statue of Buddha in the world. This statue was donated by a Singaporean millionaire.

Buddha point is one of the must-see sightseeing places in Thimphu.

The sun hid behind a thick blanket of cloud and the rain was threatening to pour any moment but it was a perfect day for a hike.

We hitched our back packs over our shoulders and started the hike. For almost two hours the trail passed through sparse vegetation of mostly pine trees with few rhododendrons and other species of broad-leaved trees.

The trail was all uphill for almost two and half hours till we reached a saddle. The surrounding view from this point is breath-taking.

Little further up at almost 3400mts we had our lunch. From here the climb got easier and the forest got denser on both the sides leaving a corridor of pasture and in some places beautiful meadows.

We reached the highest point (3700 mts approx) at 1.30 in the afternoon.

From here for kilometers the forest is covered with five different species of rhododendrons. The best time to hike here for flower lovers would be early May.

The walk through the forest is beautiful with birds singing and squabbling over best place to build their nest. Standing on the summit with the arms stretched, the scene from the movie Titanic was vivid on my mind.

There could never be a better place to sit and contemplate. Looking down from this point we come to know the encroachment by the concrete jungle. Paddy fields have slowly disappeared, traditional earth rammed houses have given way to modern grotesque "match-box" type buildings. The families that once knew people of the whole valley today hardly know their next door neighbours. So much water has flown out of the Thimphu Chu (river).

Amid all the chaos and hustle and bustle we still find a place few hours walk away where things have  hardly changed for thousand of years.Wild boars and deer still roam this place and the flowers blossom with pride. The beauty of our country lies in the wilderness.