Chumbu nye day hike

Chumbu nye day hike passes through forest of blue pines. The walk is casual and not too tiring, you will be walking along the river from the point where you leave your vehicle. Then after about two hours walk, you will reach the confluence of the two rivers. You have to choose the smaller one and walk a few meters. You will suddenly see Chumphu Nye appear above you on top of the hill on your left. The uphill trail welcomes you to go a little more and reach the destination. 

chumbu nye day hike

Story of Chumbu nye day hike

Chumphu Nye is called the second tsari and the first tsari is located in Tibet which is known as Tsari Rongkor. This Nye in Tibet is very famous but it was prophesied that the first tsari will slowly decline and Chumphu Nye will be the main tsari.

Chumphu Nye was discovered by His Holiness the ninth Je Khenpo Shakya Rinchen. His Holiness also built the present lhakang and named it as Tsari Nyipa. The main statue of this lhakang is Dorje Phagmo (Vajravarahi). This statue is mysteriously standing in the air. The legend says that when the statue was discovered from the lake, the height of the statue was about a foot. The lake from where the statue was discovered is above the monastery. It is said that the statue suddenly grew to the present height and was placed in the lhakang as the main statue.

As you visit the temple, the caretaker will tell you two things about the statue. First is that the statue is literally floating in the air. He will take you to alter and enclose the statue. He will make you believe that the statue is standing in the air by sliding a money note below the foot of the statue. You will be amazed by witnessing that moment. You will also be able to see a small gap between the statue and the base.

The second beautiful thing is that the statue is not man made. It is believed that that Dorje Phagmo appeared in person and turned herself to this statue. After seeing this wonderful statue, you can offer your prayers and make a wish. It is believed here that if you wish anything beside greed, it will come true. The excitement and blessing comes when you personally visit and witness everything.

Chumbu nye caves and lakes

After you visit the temple, you can visit the caves where the Guru Rinpoche meditated. There are several caves which were even used by the consorts of Guru such as Khandom Mendharawa and Khandom Yeshay Tshokey.

You can also have tem minutes walk above the temple to a small lake. It is actually a pool carved into the rocks by a beautiful waterfall. You can witness the beautiful waterfalls which is said to be the bathing place of Guru. You will also find a big rock opening which is believed to be the opening gates of Heaven.