Hikes Paro

Hikes Paro can be another option for adventure lovers. Besides the lhakang and Goemba in Paro, one can enjoy even the walks towards these beautiful destinations. Hiking is one of the most loved adventures by the visitors in Bhutan as hiking makes you witness beautiful nature, breathtaking places and historic sites. On the other hand, hiking has health benefits as well. We will let you go through some beautiful and loved hikes in Paro.

hikes paro

Hikes in Paro

Hikes paro, some places to hike in Paro


Dongkola lhakang is an ancient and remote temple located at the altitude of 3,370 meters. It is located on the top of the hill between Paro and Thimphu. The hike towards Dongkola lhakang starts from Shaba village in Paro. It will take you through the evergreen coniferous forests, village and several stupas.  It is about four hours hike from Shaba.

Before reaching Dongkola, you will see other two temples called Mendhu and Phudu Goenpa. These two temples are also historic sites built by Thangtong Gyalpo. From Dongkola temple, we can see the magnificent view of valleys and rivers. Dongkola temple was founded by Tertoen Tshering Dorje. The temple overlooks the valley of Paro and Thimphu and also the majestic snow capping Himalayan ranges.

The main statue of Dongkola is Buddha Sakyamuni which was discovered by the famous treasure hunter Pema Lingpa. Another main relic is a throe which is a bronze vessel. One interesting thing that you will hear here is that nothing can be stolen from this temple. The legend says that once a thief tired to steal the vessel from the lhakang. That thief had run away with the vessel but was ended up circumambulating a stupa below the lhakang. Until dawn, he was still near that lhakang. When he heard the caretaker had wakened up, he severed his hand which was stuck in the vessel. That severed hand is still kept as a relic in the lhakang.

It is also believed that once a wooden burl cup called phob was stolen from the temple. At dawn, the phob was miraculously returned to the lhakang.

Level of difficulty – Moderate


Zuri dzong is one of the oldest dzong in Bhutan. It was built in 1352 as a fort. You can also visit the cave in there which is believed that Buddha came and meditated. This dzong is a five storey building. You will love to see the well protected building by double walls and a bridge which still stands at present. Hike towards Zuri dzong takes about thirty minutes from the Paro Ta dzong. Zuri dzong hike is considered one of the best as it takes you though amazing side views and a peaceful place to stare and wonder for hours.

Level of difficulty – moderate


Jamjalo lhakang is located on a cliff side near the Shaba village. The lhakang from a distance looks like a mini Taktsang. The main relic in the temple is the statue of the Buddha of long life, Tara and Drukpa Kinley. One interesting you will notice is a rock shaped like a shoe which is kept in the shrine. This is an important treasure of the lhakang as it is believed that after Drukpa Kinley had meditated in that place, he left one of his shoes in the temple.

You can drive from Paro to Shaba village which will take you about thirty minutes. To reach the temple, you have to hike about an hour from the road. You have to careful while climbing up the temple as it is slightly steep. So, the total time taken might be about 2.5 hours for the hike.

Level of difficulty – moderate


Kila Goemba is believed to have been built in the early 9th century as a meditation place. It is one of the oldest nunneries in Bhutan. This place is considered sacred as it played significant role as a meditation site from centuries. The main temple of Kila Goemba has ancient statues such as of Chenrizig (Avalokiteswara) and Guru Rinpoche. Nuns here live a simple lifestyle where their day begins and ends with prayers.

First you have to drive from Paro to Chelela pass which takes 45 minutes. Here you can have a splendid view of Himalayan range. Chelela is the highest road pass in Bhutan which is at 3988 meters. You have to hike for about an hour and half till you reach a stone-bricked meditation hut and after that it will take about 45 minutes to reach Kila Goemba.

Level of difficulty – moderate


Drakarpo lhakang is located on a high cliff and on the top of the cliff, you will see a cave. When you enter the main alter, you will hear the great story of Guru Rinpoche where he broke the rock and made a cave for his meditation.

First you have to drive about thirty minutes from Paro town to Shaba. Then you can start your hike towards the temple which will take about one hour.  So, the total time for the hike is about three hours.


The tiger’s nest literally hangs off the face of a cliff and is 900 meters above the valley ground. It is one of the most revered monuments in Bhutan. It is believed that Guru flew on a tigress back to this cliff. You will be marveled by looking at the monastery itself as how beautiful it is located. You will see the meditating caves and marvelous wall murals.

You need to take twenty minutes drive from the Paro town and 4 or 5 hours walk round trip.

Level of difficulty – moderate to strenuous.