Day hikes

Day hikes in Bhutan

If you like wilderness and adventure then day hikes is something you might be looking at. We have beautiful day hikes around Thimphu and Paro and other places in Bhutan. Our day hikes span from few hours to one full day. Depending on your level of fitness we will choose a day hike for you.

day hikes in Bhutan


Good time to day hike

Spring is a good time to day hike as you can see lot of wild flowers. Around March meadows are filled with small wild flowers. In April and May different varieties of rhododendrons flower. You will be able to six at least six different types of rhododendrons.

The months of September, October and November is not so cold and comparatively dry compared to June, July and August so its a good time to go on day hikes.

What level of fitness do i need to day hike?

You need not worry about your level of fitness as we have day hikes for all kind of people. If you like easy day hike then you will do short and easy day hikes through villages. If you like few hours day hike then we have that too.

We have full day hikes too. These hikes are long and strenuous and some level of fitness is required.

If you simply love walking then you can always ask your driver to stop in some places. You can walk along the road with your guide for 10 to 15 minutes.

Day hikes in Paro

Day hikes in Thimphu

kila gyemba day hike

Kila Gyemba 

3 hours day hike

dzongdrakha day hike

Dzongdrakha day hike 

40 minutes day hike

Phajoding day hike

Phajoding day hike

One full day hike

zuri dzong day hike

Zuri dzong day hike

40 minutes day hike

dakarpo day hike

Dakarpo day hike

1 hours day hike

pumula day hike

Pumula day hike

half day hike

tango cheri day hike

Tango Cheri day hike

Half day hike

Day hike in Punakha


Bumthang day hike


norbugang day hike

Norbugang day hike

2 hours hike 

limukha day hike

Limukha day hike

3 hours day hike

tharpaling day hike in bumthang

Tharpaling day hike

Three hours hike

village hike in bumthang

Village day hike

half day hike