Bhutan disabled tour and vacation. We respect the desire of disabled people and like any one of us, the die-hard adventurous nature they possess. Bhutan is not fully prepared in terms of infrastructure for disabled people but our team of experienced people can make your stay as comfortable and as memorable as possible. Your handicap shouldn’t hamper your travel in Bhutan. Not all places are in Bhutan are handicap people friendly and its similar with the case in the hotels but we will provide you with enough people to overcome this hurdle.

Our aim at AB Travel will be to make your stay as perfect and as normal as possible with special events like folk dance program and local cuisines. Local homes and intermingling with the locals is special and we will make sure your experience with the local community is memorable.

Bhutan disabled tour and vacation is a special tour for disabled people. It is specifically designed to show you the best of Bhutan and make your journey as enjoyable as possible, alone or with your family and friends. As desired, based on your ability, we will take you sightseeing to easily accessible areas and community centres.

Bhutan is a poor country and most of the amenities might not be modern but it has the beauty of its landscape and its unique culture and tradition to offer. We will drive you to some beautiful places from where you can see the surrounding Himalayan ranges.

There are many things you can do in Bhutan. From experiencing Bhutanese culture to light adventure like driving to mountain passes for photography. For visually impaired guests we have special programs. You can meet some similar locals Government officials and interact with them. I am sure they will be willing to share their experiences as Government officials. If some of you are interested we can make arrangement for 30 minutes meditation practice sessions with some great Buddhist masters.

All our programs will be designed based on your likings and it will be very flexible. Nothing is rigid and you are at your will to change any program that you feel is too much or too little for a particular day. For visually impaired guests we will have one guide leading four people and for wheel chaired guests we will have one assistant accompanying you to all sightseeing places except inside your hotel rooms unless you ask for one. All our guides and assistants are strictly professionals and we will assign you one based on your requirement.

We will provide you several assistants and a guide to accompany you through out your stay in Bhutan. For your comfort we will provide a mini van for small groups and a mini bus for more than five people. On special request we can even provide a nurse but that will be on an extra payment.

We have modern well-equipped hospital in all the towns and all our doctors are trained abroad. Our hospitals might not have state of art equipment but our doctors can handle medical cases to certain degree. In case of emergency we can airlift patients to India on a short notice.

Best time for Bhutan disabled tour and vacation

The best time for traveling in Bhutan for disabled people will be March, April and May in summer and September, October and November in autumn. I say this is the best time as these months have some kind of local festivals. Festivals are a great choice to see first hand Bhutanese culture and immerse in the sea of colors. Festival period are very busy months and advance booking at least several months in advance are necessary for good hotels. You have the choice to book luxury five star hotels or the normal three star hotels that we recommend.

The other reason why these months are best for handicapped people is that the weather is warm and perfect. These months are not so cold neither so wet which makes it perfect for outdoor activities like photography and sightseeing.

We welcome you to Bhutan. Take this opportunity and travel in Bhutan with us. We have experienced team to guide you and assist you. We guarantee you that we will take special care of you. Your handicap, disability shouldn’t be a reason not to experience Bhutan. Visit Bhutan with us and see for yourself. Contact us for Bhutan disabled tour and vacation.


October 29, 2014

Bhutan disabled tour and vacation

Bhutan disabled tour and vacation. We respect the desire of disabled people and like any one of us, the die-hard adventurous nature they possess. Bhutan is not fully prepared in […]