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Bhutan Tourism Council is the tourism monitoring body in Bhutan. As an autonomous body it monitors licensing of tour companies in the country. All the policies are frame worked and submitted by Bhutan Tourism Council for approval by the ministry of trade.action button

Start of Bhutan tourism

Tourism started in Bhutan in early 70s. Before that Bhutan remained in total isolation. Bhutan Tourism Corporation was the then the only state owned enterprise handling tourism activities in the country. It started as a Government department under the ministry of trade and industry. Check our tourist tariff

bhutan tourism

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Tourism was privatized in 1991 by the government to encourage private sector development. Since then there has been a steady growth in the number of tourists visiting Bhutan.

The number of private entrepreneurs have increased too. With the increase in the number of tourists the tourism infrastructure is growing too.

Bhutan Tourism plays a very vital role in the over all socio-economic development of the country. Our only source of hard currency is through tourism.

The money generated through tourism finances our schools, hospitals and our far flung remote villages. Without tourism, which is our second biggest revenue earner we will have very little other source of income in the country.

Bhutan tourism products

Cultural tour and trekking were the most common two products we had to offer. Over the years to some extent we have diversified our products. Our clients have several options:

Some of our Bhutan tourism products:

  1. Cultural Tour
  2. Trekking
  3. Mountain Biking
  4. Rafting
  5. Day hike
  6. Home stay
  7. Bird watching
  8. Textile tour

The quality of hotels are getting better year after year. The western region of Bhutan have some top quality international hotels. Today Bhutan has three domestic airports making it more easier for clients to fly from one region to another.

Bhutan is known for its uniqueness and this is one most important reason why many tourists visit Bhutan. Bhutan is a very small kingdom, we do not have the military might nor economic strength. Our tradition and culture and our national identity is very important to us as a small country.

Understanding the importance of our culture and tradition our Government is doing its best to preserve it. Its very important for our independence and for us to remain as one unique society.

Places to visit in Bhutan.

West Bhutan is more popular as its more developed and more accessible because of its proximity to an International airport. The hotels and other facility are better in west Bhutan compared to other region. There are several festivals held in West Bhutan. West Bhutan have some of the most popular trekking routes.

Some places to visit are:


Paro have the only international airport in the kingdom. It is a small town with about 20,000 people. Paro is considered to be one of the richest valleys in Bhutan. A wide open valley with fertile soil makes it an ideal place to grow highland red rice. There are about 30 hotels in Paro which includes about five luxury hotels. Check our tour package Home stay in Bhutan

Paro tigers nest monastery

Paro Tiger’s nest

Festival in paro: Paro Tshechu is an annual festival held in the spring in Paro.

Trekking routes originating in Paro: Druk path Trek, Jhomolhari Trek, Soi Yaktsa trek and the Snowman trek

Sightseeing places in Paro: Paro Museum, Paro Dzong, Kyichu Lhakhang, Drukgyel Dzong, Paro Taktsang, Bumdra, Village visit, Chelila pass, day hike option,

Accessibility: Paro is about 170km from the Indian border town of Jaigoan. It takes about 5-6 hours drive from the Indian border town.


Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan with little over hundred thousand people. Thimphu is a metropolitan city with embassies and consulates from few countries. The UNO office, the embassy of India, embassy of Bangladesh, embassy of Kuwait, Thai consulate, Consulate general of the Netherland, Korean consulate and various other International NGOs are based in Thimphu.

Hotels: About 20 good hotels including Hotel Taj, Aman Resort and La meridian

National day celebration on 17th december

National day celebration 17th December

Good Restaurants Thimphu: Ban Thai, Sukho Thai, Edelweiss, Authentic Bhutanese, Bhutan Kitchen, Orchid Restaurant, Up stairs, Lemon grass restaurant, Cross road restaurant

Festival in Thimphu: Thimphu Tshechu, National day celebration December 17, Dochula festival and Dechenphug festival.

Trekking routes: Druk path trek, Jhomolhari trek, Sinchula trek, Dagala thousand lakes trek

Accessibility: Good road network to Bhutan border town and to other parts of Bhutan.

Sightseeing places in Thimphu: Memorial chorten, Kuenselphodrang Buddha statue, Changangkha monastery, Takin preserve, BBS tower, Zhilukha nunnery, Tashichhodzong, Wood craft centre, Painting school, folk heritage museum, textile museum, traditional paper factor, Simtokha Dzong and weaving centres.

Day hikes: Tango and Cheri day hikes, Phajoding day hike, K trail day hike.


Punakha is at an altitude of about 1,300 mts. Punakha town has less than 20,000 people. Being at a low altitude Punakha experiences hot summer and mild winter. Punakha is the winter capital of the monk body in Bhutan.

Hotel: Aman resort, Uma resort, Densa resort, Kinzangzhing and about 9 other three star hotels.

Restaurants in Punakha/Wangdue: Puenzhi diner, Divine madman, Chimmy lhakhang cafeteria

Trekking routes in Punakha: Samtengang trek, sinchula trek

Connectivity: Connects to east west national highway and to Gasa Dzongkhag

Festivals: Punakha festival and Wangduephodrang festival

Sightseeing places: Punakha Dzong, Chimmy lhakhang, Talo monastery, Norbugang monastery, Khamyulenamgay chorten, village visits

other Bhutan tourism activities in Punakha/Wangduephodrang: White water rafting, day hikes, village visit, home stays

Bhutan tourism places and activities in Central Bhutan

You can connect to central by a road or by a domestic flight. The road is quite long and driving can be quite hectic if you don’t break the journey in at least one place.

The places you will visit in central Bhutan are Bumthang and Trongsa.


Bumthang is the cultural district of Bhutan. Its one place where there are many Buddhist pilgrimage sites. Bumthang is called as Switzerland of Bhutan.

Sightseeing places in Bumthang: Kyichu lhakhang, Jambay lhakhang, Ngalhakhang, Mebar tsho, Ura valley,

Trekking routes in Bumthang: End of snow man trek, Dagala thousand lake trek

Hotels in Bumthang: Aman kora, Yugharling resort, Peling resort, Kiala guest house, Wangdicholing resort, river lodge, mountain lodge, swiss guest house and many more guest houses.

Festivals in Bumthang: Jambay lhakhang drub, Ngalhakhang festival, tamshing choepa, ura festival,

other Bhutan tourism activities in Bumthang: Day hikes, village visits

Bhutan tourism fair 2015

PATA tourism fair will be held in spring in Bhutan in 2015.

To commemorate tourism and to celebrate the 60th birth anniversary of the fourth king of Bhutan, 2015 will be celebrated as visit Bhutan year 2015

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