Visit Bhutan

Visit Bhutan for a memory of a life time. A small mountainous kingdom sandwiched between China to the north and India to the south has lot to offer.

You can visit Bhutan anytime of the year depending on what you wish to see and do.

You can visit Bhutan for a relaxed holiday and stay in some of the luxury internationally renowned hotels.

You can visit Bhutan for an adventure and choose your accommodation from camping to three-star category accommodation.

visit bhutan

Visit Bhutan for various activities

Visit for various activities


Visiting Bhutan during spring and fall can give you a wide range of activities to do.

You can trek some of our beautiful trekking routes or choose some of our stunning day hikes. Our trek routes run through virgin forests and wilderness.

We have trekking from two days to three weeks trek. You can do trekking in Bhutan in both summer and winter.

Most of our best trek routes are accessible only during spring and autumn. Spring is the best time to visit Bhutan for treks as most trek routes are filled with wild flowers and most peaks are covered in snow.


Visit Bhutan for a festival. Festivals in Bhutan are unique and a feast for the eyes. Its a great time to see this religious event, take pictures and intermingle with the locals.

Our festivals are very colourful and its the only time when people from the surrounding villages take respite from the back breaking working.

These religious festivals have been celebrated for several centuries and are very auspicious event for the locals to attend.


Bhutan is a small mountainous country still known for its pristine beauty and its unique tradition and culture. Visit Bhutan to see its natural beauty and visit some of its unique historical forts and temples.

During your visit in Bhutan you even have the option to visit some of our villages and walk into few houses in the village.

    • Mountain biking
    • Motor biking
  • Rafting