tourist tariff

Tourist tariff is the daily payable rates 

Bhutan tourist tariff is fixed by the Royal Government of Bhutan and its mandatory for all tour operators in Bhutan to charge the minimum rates fixed by the Government of Bhutan. At no point can a tour operator legally lower the rate fixed by the Government of Bhutan. 


It is the daily rate that a tourist must pay for the services given to them. The rate might look little high but actually with everything included in the tour package and with the additional Bhutan Government royalty included, its a very reasonable price. 


Daily rate payable

# people Person/night
1 290
2 280
3 250


*Rate in US dollars


# Inclusion
1 three starhotel
2 Ground transportation
3 Guide
4 Three meals
5 Royalty and taxes

Clients have the option to stay in farmhouses and camp too 

This tourist tariff or the daily tour package rates do not entitle four or five star hotels. If you opt for five star accommodation you will have to pay extra for these hotels.

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Usually almost 35% of what you pay goes directly to Government coffers as royalty. Bhutan being a landlocked country with very little natural resources we are heavily dependent on tourist money for the socio-economic development of our country. All schools and hospitals run on the revenue generated through tourism and hydro power in the country.

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Do you know?

Penises are painted on the walls of the houses in Bhutan. This is believed to ward off evil spirit. This phallic tradition is century old and is believed to have started from a small temple called as the Chimmy lhakhang in West Bhutan.

This temple is called the fertility temple. Childless couple go to this temple for blessing.