Bhutan travel

Are you ready for Bhutan travel?

We will make sure your travel in Bhutan is a memorable one

Initial travel planning

Choose the right kind of activity that you want to do in Bhutan. We have number of activities you can choose from. If you like tradition, history and culture then you can choose our culture tour. If you have adventure on your mind then you can choose our outdoor activities combined with our culture tour.

Duration of travel

Depending on your activities you can choose your duration of visit. If you are coming for cultural tour then your duration of visit can be anything from few days to few weeks.

bhutan travel
Choose entry point

Flight tickets are bit expensive from Bangkok. Thailand is connected to Bhutan daily by two airlines and is the most travelled route. Airfare is cheaper to Bhutan from Kathmandu and Kolkata in India. Most people traveling to Bhutan from Europe prefer to fly in from Delhi.

Choose travel date

The best time to travel to Bhutan is in the spring and in the autumn. The weather is good and there are lot of local festivals during these period. Its a good time to witness a local festival.

bhutan travel

What should my budget be?

In Bhutan tourism is controlled by the Government of Bhutan and the tourist payment is fixed. The minimum standard hotel given is three star hotels. You will get all three meals, transportation and guide.

So, the longer you stay the more you pay. If you choose to stay in five star hotels then you have to pay extra for these luxury hotels.

How much money should i carry?

Your trip payment is all inclusive so you might have to carry very little cash. The only money that you might need is to tip the guide and driver if you wish. If you plan to buy souvenir then you might need little more. Few ATM cards like master card and visa card work in ATMs here so its good to carry little money in cash.

Things to carry when traveling in Bhutan.

Depending on when you are traveling you must check on your clothing. Winters are cold so you must carry warm cloths. Day time temperature shoots up outside so you might think of wearing light clothing.

Sun goggles, walking stick, good hiking boots is an option if you think of doing day hikes in Bhutan.

You should carry ample memory cards if you are carrying a camera. If you are shooting with your cellphone then you should have enough space as you might click endlessly.

Carry your own medicines as they might not be available here.

Make sure you carry your own toiletries as the ones available in hotels might not be of your quality.

Travel Insurance

Its very important to be fully covered by insurance when traveling not just in Bhutan but anywhere. You can be insured with an insurance company in your country or in Bhutan when traveling here.

Insurance is very important for people trekking for helicopter evacuation in case of emergency.