6 reasons why Bhutan is worth visiting.

There are scores of reasons why Bhutan is worth visiting but we will give 6 simples reasons why Bhutan is worth visiting at least once in a life time. You cannot miss this "last Shangrila" know for its various qualities.

6 reasons why Bhutan is worth visiting

6 reasons why Bhutan is worth visiting

  • Bhutan is a unique country
  • Bhutan has unique culture and tradition
  • Pristine environment is one good reason to visit
  • Bhutan is a less populated country
  • Bhutan is safe to travel
  • Its worth to pay US$250/day

Unique country

Bhutan is a unique country which opened to the outside world very late. Tourism started only in early seventies and internet and cable television started only in the late nineties. Its remained isolated for centuries.

Bhutan is almost 100 years behind the western world and this makes it a great place to visit.

Unique culture and tradition

Many people visit Bhutan to experience and see first hand its unique culture and tradition. The dress, food and tradition is something unique not found in other parts of the world.

Bhutanese life circle around many traditions, rituals and festival is one great event where you can see an array of traditional displays in the form of songs and dances.

Pristine environment

Bhutan was declared as one of the 10 global hot spots in the world. Its one of the only carbon negative countries in the world and has declared that it will keep 70% of the country forested for all times to come.

Bhutan has over 350 species of birds and its home to endangered species like the Bengal tiger, black necked crane, white bellied heron and golden masher.

The air is pure and we have some of the great places for adventure like day hikes and trekking.


Less populated

As Bhutan is not crowded with people there is much lesser traffic outside the capital of Bhutan. You have all the time in the world to interact with people and visit any local home without any prior appointment.

You will have a great time visiting villages and schools.

Safe to travel

Its safe to travel in Bhutan. Even a single lady can travel without any fear of being harassed. You have the choice to chose a male or female guide. Drivers are usually males and they will treat you like a family member.

Bhutan is worth paying US$250/day

For many reason its worth paying US$250/day to visit Bhutan

  • You will get good hotels
  • All food is included
  • Your vehicle and guide fee is included too
  • Bhutan is a beautiful country and you will love it