Bhutan tour package

We have exclusively designed Bhutan tour package for a fulfilling and worthwhile vacation. Bearing in mind the comfort & luxury for our guests, we strive to deliver exceptional quality service to make your stay a memorable one.

Our Bhutan tour package is designed for all age groups which consist of cultural sightseeing, holistic understanding of our traditions and a mixed array of tours for those who have the adventure drive.

culture tour

Enjoy the culture and tradition in Bhutan

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trekking camp

Choose from easy to hard treks we offer

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light adventure

Check our light adventure activities

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Good time to visit Bhutan

Bhutan can be visited through out the year depending on when you have free time and when you plan a holiday. Winter (December, January and February) is little cold and Monsoon season (June, July and August) is little too wet but other wise these months are fairly good.

Winter the weather is very clear and you will have the best view of the Himalayan mountain ranges from various passes in Bhutan.

Most Bhutan tour packages are chosen during the months of March, April, May, September, October and November because these months are dry and not so cold. These months have lot of festivals too and this makes visiting Bhutan more interesting.

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Most popular tour packages

The most popular tour package taken by most visitors in Bhutan is cultural tour mixed with light adventure. Most visits are planned during spring (March, April and May) and fall (September, October and November). These months have lot of local festivals and the weather is perfect.

A local festival in Paro is one of the most visited festivals in Bhutan. Thimphu festival in the fall is another very popular festival. You can witness these festival and experience the culture, landscape and the meet the smiling people of Bhutan.

Adventure tours

Since 61% of the whole country is covered in forests, our pristine environment is untouched & unblemished. The trekking trails and adventure tours have recently been introduced hence only a handful of guests have taken the opportunity to experience this thrills.

Festival tours

The festivals take place in certain months and the Bhutanese people take pride in showcasing the rich traditions during the festivals. We provide an opportunity for our valued guests to experience the tapestry of sacred mask dances which signifies and holds deep reverence.

Tour package for Indians and Bangladeshis

Tour package for Indians and Bangladeshis are based on the season and the category of hotels and services demanded.

Indians and Bangladeshis can contact us for various tour packages that we have. Check our Bhutan tour in October.

Different tour packages
  • Standard Bhutan tour package: This category includes standard hotels and a normal car
  • Three star Bhutan tour package: This category includes foreign make Suv and three star hotels
  • Luxury Bhutan tour package: This category includes luxury five star hotels and Toyota Suv.