Bhutan coronation marathon

Bhutan coronation marathon

Bhutan coronation marathon will be held every year in Paro, Bhutan on June 02. This marathon is held to honour the fourth king of Bhutan, His majesty king Jigme Singye Wangchuck. Under the reign of the fourth king of Bhutan, Bhutan has seen economic prosperity in the country and he is revered by the people of Bhutan.

bhutan coronation marathon

On the route

Bhutan coronation marathon venue

Bhutan coronation marathon will be held in Paro. Paro is a small town in west Bhutan with the online international airport in the country.

This marathon is open to all both national and international participants.

Registration date and fee

Bhutan coronation marathon registration is open now and you can register with us. For national participants you can pay the registration fee for confirmation. For international participants you should be aware that apart from the registration fees you will have to pay the daily tourist(s) tariff of US$250/day. This payment includes your food, lodge, guide, transportation and your sightseeing.

International participants should write to us to know more about the tourist tariff and you have the choice to choose the kind of hotel you would like to stay in.

Medical aid

Medical aid stations will be set up at regular intervals and ambulances will be available along the route.


Road will be open to traffic but will be monitored by traffic police. All vehicles will be instructed to move slow and will not disturb the participants.

Toilet facilities

Toilet facilities will be set at aid stations.

Price money/trophy

The price money is not huge comparing the races held elsewhere but it will be a decent price to make the participants happy. Certificates will be given all the participants completing the race.


Organizations and individuals are welcome to sponsor this event and you will be given a special place in the event.